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TMC Player Reviews: 3-Kingdoms

Review Submitted By: Gorath
Author Status: Player
Started on 3-Kingdoms: January 1996
Submission Date: Jun 26, 2008
TMC Listing: 3-Kingdoms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Gorath] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

My time at 3Kingdoms is still amazing, having started mudding here in
1996, retiring from mudding in 1998 and then returning in 2001. I
guess as they say, once you are hooked, you are hooked!

The playerbase is huge and very diverse. I have met people and made
friends in Israel, US, Sweden, Australia, Denmark just to name a few.

The mud has 38209 rooms you can explore and 88 quests you can solve.
Quests are optional, but completing them gives you quest points which
in turn gives your character status as a High Mortal (if you reach the
quests points required). There are 15 High Mortal status symbols.

What draws me to 3Kingdoms (3K): I love questing, and the 3Kingdom
questing system appealed to me. Each quest is different, some have
mazes, some have puzzles, some you need to gather friends and fight
nasty beasties.

Only your imagination is your limit. Not the mud.
Furthermore the guild system is huge and complicated. You can pick
from 18 guilds. I have been a Necromancer since 1996 (even after I
rejoined in 2001). Reason is simple. Very well coded guild, loads of
extras and I always loved playing a Magic User. Each guild also has a
management structure. So if you get tired of playing, move into
management and help other players. If that no longer appeals, you can
become a Wizard and start coding more areas or even a guild. Anyone
that reached High Mortal status, can apply to become a Wizard.

All in all, 3kingdoms will give you hours, days and years of
pleasure. If you are tired of JUST hacking-and-slashing and want to
develop your creativity, join 3Kingdoms. Yes, you can hack-and-slash
the whole day on 3K as well (if you want). but not all of us wants
that. Some of us have brains that need more stimulation.

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