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TMC Player Reviews: Prophecies of the Pattern

Review Submitted By: Kimberly Washington
Author Status: Player
Started on Prophecies of the Pattern: before it split from aww
Submission Date: Jun 25, 2008
TMC Listing: Prophecies of the Pattern

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Kimberly Washington] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

1. OOC channel stinks. No one ever seems to have cheerful or fun
conversation, so it feels like you're inside a tomb.

2. RP guilds require OOC 'courtesies' to those who are of higher rank
than you are. Another player observed that this seems
to encourage 'power trips' from higher-ranked players. Certainly,
there is more of a sense of ... stuffiness, and respect given to
position than I have seen in other muds. As I have only one
guilded character, in the White Tower, and I was barred from
leveling anywhere that wasn't the White Tower, much of the rest
of my review will focus on what I know about the mud.

3. The playerbase of the White Tower is fun, yet rigid in what they
want. I was discouraged from playing my character because she did
not fit to type. I was discouraged from experimenting with the
edges of Ajahs.

4. Overall, the White Tower is a roleplay focused guild, and in that
they do excellently -- provided you are not on during 9-12 EST.
In that case, there are no Aes Sedai available to be roleplayed
with, and you will be penalized through no fault of your own.

5. I have been repeatedly penalized for real-life troubles. This
makes me believe that this mud would be better for those seeking
escapism, and less good for those who are prone to real life
difficulties, as little patience has been shown for job loss and
other problems.

6. The guild, overall, seems remarkably responsive to their
decreasing playerbase. Requirements have gotten so simple as to
be easy to accomplish, and that is a good thing.

I am heartbroken to be leaving this guild, and I would not wish any
other players to share my fate.

I do not recommend this mud, in any way shape or form.

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Comment Submitted By: Cason Lowe
Author Status: Player
Started on Prophecies of the Pattern: since it opened
Submission Date: Sep 23, 2008

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Cason Lowe] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

First off, this is no way to discredit the person aboves view or
feelings on the game. It is simply to give counter-points to her

1. Every time I been on, the OOC channel has always seemed very active
and everyone seems to get along with each other, in their own ways.
Also, the person above would never try to hold a coherent conversation
on the OOC channel, she would just recite random poetry and then
expected everyone to comment on it. The OOC channel is for people to
communicate with each other while they RP and/or level with one

2. The only guild that requires curtsies is the White Tower. This is
to follow the books, in which Novices and Accepted deferred to the
higher ranking people in the guild, the Aes Sedai. Other guilds
encourage saluting and other means of deferment to the higher ranking
people of the guilds. Its a matter of respect, In Character, and it
makes it feel like you are actually there.

3. The White Tower is not the only guild in the game. But, having an
Aes Sedai in the WT, I find them to cope with any sort of player. We
have different players doing their own thing as Novices and Accepteds
all the time. It is actually greatly encouraged, as long as the player
doesn't take it some sort of extreme with no precedence in the Wheel
of Time series.

4. Yes, the White Tower is a RP heavy guild, but yet again, there is
not the only guild in the MUD. There are numerous people, from the WT,
on at many different times, but there are some times when people are
not on. That is unavoidable.

5. Most guilds will understand, and work around, real-life issues. It
is understandable that people have unavoidable issues. I, myself, was
off the game for over a year and when I came back, I was welcomed with
opened arms. What I do believe the person above is speaking of is
being chastised for trying to get players of PotP to leave and go to a
different MUD. She was asked by both players and staff to stop that
activity, yet still continued.

6. The playerbase is ever flexing, just like the economy. The White
Tower, and other guilds have coped accordingly. The requirements are
by no means simple though, for any guild.

The person above seems to be a scorned player who got in trouble due
to active player-stealing. Which is not proper MUD etiquette.