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TMC Player Reviews: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

Review Submitted By: Tigwyk
Author Status: Player
Started on Star Wars Mud (SWmud): 1999
Submission Date: Apr 17, 2008
TMC Listing: Star Wars Mud (SWmud)

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Tigwyk] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I started playing SWMud (Star Wars MUD) back in '99 when I was around
13 years old. Back then I thought it was the coolest thing since
sliced cheese. It had great people, awesome gameplay, amazing
balance, and an active wiz-staff who were churning out quality
areas/etc non-stop. Unfortunately it had some hiccups back in 2000 or
so, when the High Mortal Quest (the quest that gains you prestige and
skills after lvl 19) was closed. Originally the players were under
the assumption that a new quest would be out within the year... then
it was next year, then it was a few years... finally, after eight
long years... SWMud has a new HM quest and is therefore complete.

Don't get me wrong, the game will keep being added to by the wizstaff
as they're working on areas right now. But the lack of HM Quest meant
that NOBODY (who wasn't already HM) could gain those special skills
after level 19. Many players (myself included) decided to level above
19 simply for the Hit Points and the joy of something to do again.
Now that the quest is back many players have gained High Mortal
status and we're once again able to use those awesome skills gained at
levels above 19.

Please come check out SWMud. It's got awesome content, great people,
a newbie friendly atmosphere (with newbie helpers, a MUD school,
low-level exp'ing areas, etc) and finally an HM quest so that you can
take your character to NEW HEIGHTS! (Also, PvP is a blast. Some of
the most indepth text-based player versus player combat I've ever

We need fresh meat!

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