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TMC Player Reviews: BatMUD

Review Submitted By: Ooga
Author Status: Player
Started on BatMUD: 1994
Submission Date: Sep 4, 2007
TMC Listing: BatMUD

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Ooga] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I write this review as a long-time player of batmud, and as a
registered newbie helper. I've been playing BatMUD for well over 10
years now, and have found several things to keep me hooked.

In the first role, as a long-time casual gamer, what keeps me coming
back is the large amount of content: quests to complete, guilds to try
out, areas to explore, and such. Not only is there a large amount of
existing content, but it seems that there's constantly new things
added that keep me hooked. And, because the game is very
social-friendly. I've gotten to know a number of players quite well
over the years, and can keep in touch through the game. I also enjoy
that regardless of my power level relative to my friends' power
levels, I can almost always successfully group up with pretty much
anybody; and the game auto-tunes the rewards such that people are
rewarded fairly for how much they've contributed to the party. And
since the developers are also people who are logged into the game and
most of them were once players too, it is possible to directly give
positive (and negative) feedback, and really feel like you have a say
in what things are changed or implemented. In short, the large amount
of existing content, the rapid implementation of new and interesting
content, and the ability to keep in touch with my friends through the
game are the aspects which keep me coming back for more.

The part of this review from my role of a newbie helper, I'd like to
take a second to mention some of the things a new player can expect
when logging in. First of all, I will say that MUDs in general and
BatMUD in particular can have a fairly steep learning curve at the
start -- it may not be obvious at a first glance exactly how to get
exactly what you want to get out of the game; so a large amount of
effort has been put towards helping new players get started. * First
off, when logging in, players will be presented with an optional
tutorial which will go over the basics of how to get started. * As one
progresses in the game, various things will trigger 'tooltips', or
helpful reminders of how to deal with whatever's going on (for
example, the first time someone tries to send you a tell (a private
message), you will receive a note explaining that a player contacted
you, and the note also explains how to reply. * Several players,
myself included, have registered ourselves as dedicated newbie helpers
-- you will quickly be able to contact us if you have any questions
about how to do whatever it is you want to do in the game, and you can
expect friendly, helpful replies. * A public 'newbie' channel is
dedicated to answering your questions, and all replies to you on that
channel will be helpful and polite. * You will start the game in a
private village just for new players -- you can get familiar with the
game before having to worry about the big picture out there. BatMUD is
a fun and challenging environment, and you can decide when you're
ready to leave the gates of pleasantville in search of fearsome
monsters, cunning quests, or epic equipment to wear.

In short, I expect that new players will find BatMUD to be a
welcoming environment for new players, and a challenging+exciting
experience when you're ready to face it. I'm looking forward to
seeing you there; if i'm online, you can 'tell ooga hi' and I'll
answer your questions as well as I can.

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