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TMC Player Reviews: WindyCity MUX

Review Submitted By: Ismael Salazar
Author Status: Player
Started on WindyCity MUX: Years and years ago.
Submission Date: Aug 6, 2007
TMC Listing: WindyCity MUX

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Ismael Salazar] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I returned to this MUSH after it sort of died for a while. I had
played previously and had much enjoyed it. Ironically enough, the
gentrification of this MUSH matches the gentrification taking place in
real-life Chicago. That is to say, the MUSH is now populated by people
who won't leave their homes, rarely RP, and when you actually manage
to get someone it's a Master Vampire of one kind or another who
treats you like crap.

Instead of roleplay, what I received most often was 'Who let YOU in
here?' The first time I posed simply leaving. The second time I
'homed' without bothering to explain. I'm just too old nowadays to
deal with this brand of BS.

The most revealing part of the playerbase is the incredible
pretension that surrounded the aftermath, where three players in total
kept asking me (without any sort of provocation) why I felt 'unfairly
treated'. How two-faced does one have to be to already have the words
equipped while at the same time pretending that there was no prior
treatment which perfectly defined those words?

I'll end this by saying this: I used to RP a woman renowned for her
fiery, contentious temperament. Those were the high school days. These
days I deal with the typical 'bad bosses' and irritations of work
and college. I don't deserve it in the real world, and I don't
intend to put up with it where I don't have to. This review is the
extent to which I want to be bothered to reply.

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