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TMC Player Reviews: Naruto Mush: Rivalry

Review Submitted By: Akeyena
Author Status: Player
Started on Naruto Mush: Rivalry: February 15, 2007
Submission Date: Feb 23, 2007
TMC Listing: Naruto Mush: Rivalry

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Akeyena] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Real. Asian. Girls.
... as real as anime ladies are, anyhow...
... they are also mostly... well. Girls. Genin age being 10-14
... and they can all break your nose...
... and are trained to do just that!

Jokes aside, I began MUSHing on NarutoMUSH: Rivalry about a week ago.
I scout for a group of cranky elitist RPers. Really, the best praise I
can offer is that within a day or two, I was already willing to hand
out the address to MORE cranky elitist RPers. This is not a common
occurance, no. My reputation as a cranky elitist RPer relies on me not
giving the other cranky elitist RPers the addresses of games that

I'm not going into too deep of detail, but I will toss up the
following first impressions, as they say they last a lifetime:

1. Good Staffers: Good. Not sane. Good. I've found some sane
Staffers who are more abrasive than a cheese grater. What I can say
for these folks is that whatever their damage is (if any), they keep
it to themselves, instead of spewing it all over the game. They're
primarily friendly, and though I have seen a few outbursts, I can
honestly say I felt it was handled in a way conducive to improvement,
and that I don't actively dislike a single Staffer on there. (This
would be the time to note that I am picky as Staffers go, and I can
openly hate even a Head Wizard without batting a lash.)

2. Good Players: Aside from the occasional MUDder running around that
has yet to gain sentience, there are wonderful players. Before I was
even Chargenned, I had been paged by a lady who wanted to RP with me.
Post Chargen, I entered a scene with her, and I came out of it with an
excellent grasp of not only my character, but hers. I have since run
into other amazing RPers, and the ones already there outnumber the
people I have hauled over.

3. Good Plot: I've been on statted games where a 6-person TP took
chunks of several days to complete, and nobody was there the entire
time. I've Staffed on games like that. It frustrated the heck out of
me. I've been in one TP, and one TP only, BUT... in about 4-5 hours,
it was over. I should add in the portion of it I was in? There were no
less than 10 players. The Staff worked like a well-oiled machine to
bring the TP to life, and the players managed to by FAR surpass
paralyzed, retarded cats in their interaction and teamwork.

Is there bad news? Sure. There is on ANY game. I'm not going to go
into the bad news, though. Nor am I going to go into more good news.
My point in doing so is this: One person's turn-off can be another
person's turn-on. That said, I think the prior three instances I have
mentioned are things ALL people look for in a good RP-based game.

Yes. It's Naruto. I will note, I've not seen enough of the series
to qualify as a fan. I've seen about a half hour. Spread over a
half-dozen episodes, at least. I've read two of the manga. That's
it. If you pay attention to the theme files and do some research on
your own using the internet, you can come up with a character that is
fun and rewarding to RP. As a matter of fact, the theme files are so
written that I probably could have created a character using ONLY
them. I just prefer building characters more.

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