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TMC Player Reviews: Naruto Mush: Rivalry

Review Submitted By: Barai Shusei
Author Status: Player
Started on Naruto Mush: Rivalry: A few weeks ago.
Submission Date: Feb 22, 2007
TMC Listing: Naruto Mush: Rivalry

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Barai Shusei] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I must admit I was skeptical about joining Naruto Mush: Rivalry when
I was first invited. I didn't even like the anime/manga all that
much, knew very little outside what I knew from watching the fansubs,
but still, I decided to give them a chance. I'm glad I did.

Naruto Mush: Rivalry is surprisingly detailed with their character
generation. You can set up your own starting stats, pick beneficial
merits and balance that with flaws. These set up your character to be
unique as you want him (or her) to be. As if that's not enough, you
can choose to spend points you get from choosing flaws or from what
you're given when you start on one of the famous 'clans' of Naruto
fame. Want to be an Uchiha? Go for it. Hyuuga? You can do that. They
have a wide selection with ready-made skills.

Of course, if you don't know how to roleplay, you will be
disappointed here. The mush is devoted completely to roleplay and
it's the only way to better your character. You can spend your
'votes' on stats or when you accumulate enough, spend them on jutsu
to better your character's combat capabilities. Of which, the combat
system, while confusing at first, has a shallow learning curve and is
easy to learn after a few uses.

Once you actually get your character approved after making a
description and a background, a process that takes two days at worst
and hours at best, you're on the grid. The players and staffers are
friendly, so asking for RP over the Public channel will often get you
more than a few takers.

The map is huge, and there're tons of rooms. Alot of effort has
obviously been placed into it, and there're lots of notable spots
from the Naruto series in just Kohonagakure. See if you can find them

My only gripe with the mush is the lack of news and help files. While
the game does go into detail about the stuff that counts most, obscure
details that you usually don't need to know 'til you have a certain
bridge to cross, you can only find by digging through notes.

They are not helpfully inserted into the existing helpfiles and
newsfiles, so when you ask and are pointed to a certain note on a
certain board amongst a sea of other notes you'd never guess it was
stuck between, you feel like a total jerk. I have gotten these same
reactions and felt this same way on numerous occassions.

All in all, Naruto Mush: Rivalry is a great place. If you enjoy the
Naruto series, and you can roleplay, stop by and give us a try. It's
worth the time to give us a visit!

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