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TMC Player Reviews: StormHunters

Review Submitted By: Redrum
Author Status: Player
Started on StormHunters: Jan 2006.
Submission Date: May 15, 2006
TMC Listing: StormHunters

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Redrum] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Staffed by a rather large group of imms for an Ack!Mud, there are at
minimum four active IMMs working on code trying to get new things

Reboots happen once a week now, typically on Sunday night. Reboots
can bring in anything from new areas or skills to a batch of new bug
fixes or tweaks.

The mud has two active playerbases. I say this because there's the
American crowd, and the Asian crowd. There are typically 6-10 active
American players on during normal hours, and 4-6 Asian players on late
at night.

Low end leveling (A nightmare on most muds) is rather easy here,
allowing for quick immersion into the world. There is currently a lot
to do upon realming (Attaining the highest level group), including
questing (You can have up to 5 uniques wearable at a time.), and rare
checking (The mud offers a wide variety of rares at realm, which can
keep you busy for weeks trying to find them all).

Upon reaching Legend (The highest achievable point currently in the
game. Technically, you can only wear two more pieces of equipment, but
you do get several new skills), you can trade in experience points for
quest points, encouraging high level characters to do more than just
idle, with more things in the works for legends to do and strive for.

As with all ack muds, classes and races are a little unbalanced. Good
aligned adepts still struggle to do some of the things evil aligned
adepts can do easily (IE, quest/gather equipment), and not all races
are currently useful, but unlike most Ack muds, the imm staff on PoS
are working with the players to fix this and strengthen the variety
players have when chosing their character.

The PK system is the same old established Ack Mud system, and isn't
really stressed on PoS as the playerbase is still trying to establish
itself. Most players are old Ack players who have known each other for
years, and tend to do very little serious PKing verse each other. That
is not to say the mud does not cater to people who want to PK, as
there are several players who can PK well and spar often to keep their
skills up.

The class system is very tiered. There are 5 basic classes everyone
gets (War, Thi, Cle, Mag, Psi), with 80 levels per class. This in turn
translates to two remort classes (Necromancer, Sorcerer, Knight, Monk,
Assassin). After that, players can choose from 1 of 6 (Exorcist,
Living Shadow, Dark Templar, Blademaster, Malakim, or Deity) realm
classes, each which has two different Legend classes to chose from at
end game, for a total of 9 classes worth of skills at max level.

Character paths are heavily defined by the remort classes you take,
as well as the realm classes. Legend classes for the most part add a
little flavor, but only a few REALLY affect how your character will be

Unlike most Ack!Muds, eq stats are insane or extreme. A race with low
dex will find its AC lacking before uniques and rare equipment, just
as a race with low strength will find its hitroll/damroll lacking.

A stock adept probably won't last verse a fully equiped, rared,
uniqued adept, as it should be. I view this as a reward for people who
put forth the effort to gather that equipment, and not as a punishment
for people who want to be able to stand toe to toe with more
experienced players without putting forth the same effort.

There are currently 5 clans, of which 3 are active. The current five
clans are Helsing, Unleashed, The Fallen, The Unforgiven, and
Celestial Abyss.

Celestial Abyss is a neutral, newbie friendly clan with a lot of good
information for begining players.

The Fallen is a pk active clan with a lot of active members.
Unleashed are 'Team Asia' so to speak, with most of the muds
Asian-located players in it.

Helsing are a semi-active clan that claims to hunt 'Super naturals'
with 3 active members who are almost always on, and several
semi-active members.

The Unforgiven is sort of the dark horse clan. Sometimes they are
very active, and sometimes you can go for days without seeing their

If I was just starting out on the mud, I'd chose CA, Fallen, or
Unleashed and then make a choice on a permanent clan once I had a
better grasp of the mud. Or, better yet, bring your friends, and push
an inactive clan out of a clan slot. Haha.

There -are- supers (Werewolves, Vampires) in this mud, but they
aren't currently active. (There may be a few active supers on the
mud, but not many) Supers are currently in the process of being
re-vamped and re-balanced, so ideas are welcome while this is being

The quest system is standard Ack!Mud fair, being level/mob/timer
driven. There are a few alternate means of getting quest points, but
questing still remains the fastest.

Other than that, the atmosphere is very friendly and people are
incredibly helpful. The imm staff is active, or will at least tell you
when real life issues are piling up so they have to take a few days
off. The only bad thing is that maybe they are a little too relaxed
when it comes to dealing with problem players, and maybe other than
the big three, there isn't much power delegated.

There was one problem player who drove away at least 5 other players
that they kept trying to rehabilitate rather than get rid of.

Two or three of the imms don't have the power to run games or imm
quests, which is a shame.

Still, easily the best Ack!Mud I've played in forever, and with a
continued growth of it's player base, I can see it becoming the best.

One wish of mine would be that they contact other imms or allow
people with code experience the chance to add to the code. There are
tons of ACK! snippets out there and players with ACK! coding
experience who have little things to offer. Allowing those players the
ability to volunteer their code to the mud would be nice.

-Redrum 16MAY06

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