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TMC Player Reviews: Elendor

Review Submitted By: Ky
Author Status: Player
Started on Elendor: 1994
Submission Date: May 5, 2006
TMC Listing: Elendor

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Looking for that special place where you can leave the humdrum daily
life behind? Does high adventure appeal to you? Want to be part of a
fun and friendly community while still getting that fantasy world fix
you so deeply crave? Then Elendor is your ticket to the fantastic
world of JRR Tolkien.

Play that Orc under Saruman and wear the white hand on your shield as
you storm Helm's Deep, fire volley after volley and watch your foes
fall as you and your fellow elves defend Middle Earth. Rub shoulders
with Frodo as you play pranks in the Shire. Find the largest gem and
craft it into a piece of artwork with the dwarves. It is all here, and
so much, much, more just waiting for your character creation on

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