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TMC Player Reviews: 3-Kingdoms

Review Submitted By: Icelady
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on 3-Kingdoms: February 1999
Submission Date: Mar 23, 2006
TMC Listing: 3-Kingdoms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Icelady] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Three Kingdoms is a very family orientated mud where you can find
hours of enjoyment at any given time of the day. There is an
exceptionally large amount of rooms to explore and quests to solve for
those so inclined to do so. When starting out as a newbie player, 3k
has a large newbie helper base to ensure there is always someone
around to answer your questions if you prefer a more personal approach,
while still offering a large amount of helpfiles available on every
possible subject.

There are many guilds to choose from and each one having so many
things to offer the player. You can roleplay as much or as little as
you choose. Customizing your character can be done how you wish, right
down to the stats you choose, to having a tatoo placed on your body.
From a player and a guild staff perspective, 3k is a place I am proud
to call home. The people are caring and friendships can be made and
expanded by attending a Mud party which is held once per year in
various locations. You can develop such friendships and keep them for
any length of time as the majority of the players here have no desire
to go elsewhere and have been here for a long time.

As one of the long term family members myself, I have tried other muds
and always found that I missed the people and the family atmosphere
that is always present on 3k. The wizards work very hard to ensure
each player has more challenges awaiting them by offering more areas
to explore, new guilds opening, and even more challenging quests being
put into the game. Three kingdoms offers both a pk and a regular
playing opportunity with sim pk being offered in clans.

Come give 3k a chance and let us welcome you into our family. It is a
choice you will not regret and enjoyment is all you will find there.
Be sure to look me up if you do, and I will gladly aid you in anything
you will need. I am also a newbie helper and spend most of my day
logged in and helping others. Come for a visit, stay for a long time!
We have something to suit every playing style. With no age restriction
our playerbase ranges from the very young, to the young at heart.

I look forward to meeting many new faces in the future. Come one,
come all, and enjoy the fun of a whole new kingdom or 3.

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