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TMC Player Reviews: Shadow Siege

Review Submitted By: Gregory
Author Status: Player
Started on Shadow Siege: August 17, 2005
Submission Date: Mar 22, 2006
TMC Listing: Shadow Siege

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Gregory] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've played this this game for quite a while now, and it has taken me
this long to write a review for good reason. There was too much to
deal with. I still don't know everything about the game, and it is
constantly being updated. I don't mean that I was overwhelmed.
No, this game is very new player-friendly. You learn things throughout
the game, and rather than feeling behind everyone else, you feel
like you're on the cutting edge.

The staff are very helpful, and will personally handle any problems
you have. Not only that, but they listen to your ideas. And many of
the ideas are implemented into the game. The playerbase is as yet
pretty small, with usually only ten people on, but I've seen it lower.
I've also seen almost thirty people on at once several times since I
started. They are very helpful, and actually compete to help the newer

The game system itself is highly intuitive. Commands are what they
should sensibly be. Also, the game's roleplaying is some of the highest
quality I have ever seen. It makes every other roleplaying MUD, even
the most intense roleplaying MUD, look paltry in comparision. But,
again, it does not make one feel lagging behind, as the other players
are quick to show you how to improve.

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