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TMC Player Reviews: Shadow Siege

Review Submitted By: Derus
Author Status: Player
Started on Shadow Siege: End of August 2005
Submission Date: Feb 15, 2006
TMC Listing: Shadow Siege

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Derus] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Leaving from a bad experience after several years RPing on another
mud, I was unsure where else I could get a decent RP fix. A friend
from NWN mentioned I should see if I could find a text-based RP
system, and, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical. I tried out a few,
and none had ANY appeal. But, from my first day on Shadow Siege, I've
been hooked. Back on the other mud, I (and I don't mean to brag: he
says arrogantly) was viewed as one of the better roleplayers, and I
was proud of that. First few days at Shadow siege, and I just felt
like an amateur. The quality of players this place attracts is
AMAZING. They hit that perfect point between lack of detail and
waffle. Anyone can write seven lines on the smell of the oak, but it
takes a good RPer to write detailed, but RELEVANT emotes. I've not
met a proper SS player who struggles with that, yet.

When I logged on, I found the character creation process a bit
daunting (though it had changed since I initially created my
character), but they have an OOC channel specifically dedicated to
helping out new players with the mud system. Even better then that,
they had players WILLING to help! Not only willing, but EAGER! (Since
starting, I've had to have a chuckle at the race people seem to have
to greet the new players on the newbie channel).

At first I found a bit of difficulty picturing everything, but I
ascribe that to the fact all my previous RP had relied on graphics,
rather than any shortcoming of the MUDs.

However, something I've found most important, is the willingness of
staff and assistants to talk with the players. I've had a couple of
times when I've, one on one, spoken with the staff about an issue
I've felt important and there's the real feeling that they're
listening to and considering EVERYTHING I say. I have little
experience with MUDs, so I can't compare. What I can say, though, is
that Shadow Siege is one of the most entertaining Roleplay experiences
I've ever had.

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