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TMC Player Reviews: Elendor

Review Submitted By: Mark
Author Status: Player
Started on Elendor: 2 months
Submission Date: Dec 28, 2005
TMC Listing: Elendor

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Mark] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

There is a real advantage to playing on a MUSH that has been around
and developing for over a decade. Elendor has both arbitration and
a working combat system, extensive news files not only on theme and
species, but also on character archetypes, and exhibits at every
turn, both on-grid and off, intelligence, skill, and a true fan's
love and knowledge of the works of Tolkien.

Elendor also features people who have roleplayed for years and who
are both literate and engaged with other players. This isn't just
'sit and chat in the Prancing Pony' (though that's certainly part
of it) - it's the kind of roleplay where you are constantly thrown
challenges by other players. They're also very willing to help
new players out of character, a great adjunct to the extensive news
files. Even if you're only casually interested in the Tolkien theme,
you'll find more than enough to help you both stay in and develop
your character, and you'll find players and culture administrators
very willing to draw you in to, and help you develop, plots.

New players and new characters get a lot of personal support on
Elendor. There's no 'newbie school,' of course, so setup and
culturing is handled by designated players themsevles. All of the
major and every imaginable minor culture in the late Third Age
is represented, and new characters can select from many of them.
Play is consensual and requires set-up and consideration by those
involved, so it can be a bit slow to get started, and like all
RP MU*s there can be times when few are on (though the least I've
seen is twelve or so and the most 40 to 50). Being able to play to
characters in two different cultures helps.

If you think you'd like what I've described, check out the Web site
in the listing and take a look at the roleplay logs. If you're
interested in roleplaying at all, then you should give it
Elendor a concerted and long-term try. Two weeks in an active
culture and you may not want to ever play anywhere else.

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