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TMC Player Reviews: Underworld Dreams

Review Submitted By: Gamma Obumbrata
Author Status: Player
Started on Underworld Dreams: 2001
Submission Date: Oct 24, 2005
TMC Listing: Underworld Dreams

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Gamma Obumbrata] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I've played on various MUDS since I was fifteen, I'm twenty-four
now. I know I have no life. I can blame the majority of it on
Underworld Dreams, as its the only one that has kept me around for so
long. Its a completely addictive game that has a great community. The
Imm staff actually cares and takes player opinions into account when
creating new content. There are rigorous tests given to every
non-stock area, which results in an amazing environment that is
completely immersive. The goal for this test is to provide the players
with a uniform and comprehensive world. So if you like MUDs that
involve fighting dragons then beaming to the Enterprise, sorry folks
this one isn't for you. The realm is set in fantasy and allows
various cultures to exist within it's realm, a lot of research goes
into every area. I have heard that the Imm staff is slowly weeding out
the stock areas, and replacing them with completely original ones.

The players range in age, from pre-teens to post mortem, though it
still has a small playerbase, there is much comraderie and with a
knowledgeable player community.

Now for the players that enjoy pk, don't let my review fool you,
Underworld Dreams is a PK MUD. There are Clan/Guild battles on a
regular basis, and plenty of trash talk that would make a sailor blush
(on the appropriate channels of course).

I'd advise any experienced and inexperienced mudder to check this
game out, everyone is very helpful and a lot of time and effort is
placed to provide new players with a fun and exciting environment.
Warning, there are name restrictions which are strictly enforced,
please read the guidelines when you first create a character.

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