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TMC Player Reviews: Tauros

Review Submitted By: Moon
Author Status: Player
Started on Tauros: February 2002
Submission Date: Feb 20, 2005
TMC Listing: Tauros

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Moon] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

This ever expanding environment is a great place to play and explore.
The wizards and admin seem to really care about the players, and they
appear to be continually expanding and improving. They are very open
to suggested improvements and believe that the player comes first. I
really enjoy the expmods and the challenges.

There are a bunch of quests to contend with and a variety of levels
of NPCs to encounter. You can buy your own house (castle, house or
mansion) and you can store one weapon, one armour, gems and a standard
item over reboots. You can find weapons that have sockets to add
weapon gems to for a powerful weapon. This place is alot of fun!

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