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TMC Player Reviews: Shadow Siege

Review Submitted By: Alan Leightizer
Author Status: Player
Started on Shadow Siege: Sat Aug 21 12:27:37 2004
Submission Date: Jan 16, 2005
TMC Listing: Shadow Siege

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Alan Leightizer] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Though I've been roleplaying since grade school and enjoy all types
of RPGs on the computer, I've never been a big mudder. In the past
I have joined them, spent some time wandering around, fought a few
monsters, got killed a LOT, then logged off in boredom.
Shadowsiege, though... Shadowsiege is different. Sure, I spent some
time wandering around, fought a few monsters, got killed a lot (in
the first few days).

But that isn't all you can do in Shadowsiege. Being a roleplay MUD,
having your character tailored specifically for you by the Imms,
having a plethora of background and map information (and a suitably
sized world for the number of players who are usually on),
Shadowsiege outsteps anything else I've played. Sure, the monsters
you fight are generally few and far between, but that makes the ones
you fight that much more memorable. One of the first things I did
was bargain with a demonlord for the safe passage of my companions...
who really gets to do that in their first week on a MUD?

Admittedly, I can't really compare the hundreds (thousands?) of MUDs
I haven't played. But I can tell you what I know. The crafting
system is easy to get a grasp of, and is being improved and shaped
as the game goes on. Using crafting hours so that characters can't
become one-person factory lines to create 1000 shirts in a day
really adds to the realism of spending time as well as money, and
new crafting items and options are still being added. Combat in
most cases is between two actual people, both emoting turn for turn,
with the code simply used as an arbiter of chance and skill. This
applies between character vs. character combat, and most character
vs. mob combat, since most of the creatures you come across would be
puppeted anyway (being hunted by a pack of demon hounds is quite a
bit more exhilarating when you KNOW there's some fell intelligence
guiding their steps, rather than just a tangle of computer coded

Because levels aren't used, your ability in the game exists mainly
on how you roleplay your character. Every hour your character gains
Roleplaying Points (RPP) depending on how much emoting and how much
thinking you've done, and it is with these points that you increase
your character's stats and skills. I prefer this to the old 'kill
monsters, gain experience' route because while roleplaying (unless
your character likes to tick people off, or you meet one of the few
nasty characters) there's very little actual risk of your character
perishing. As long as you roleplay, your character gets better.
The best part is, the admins sometimes follow the more interesting
conversations and are happy to reward the creation or continuation
of interesting plotlines. I think this method of character
advancement is the most ingenious and most rewarding I've ever come

All in all, I've been playing Shadowsiege longer than I've played
most any other game. The people I've met are friendly, especially
the admins: Mina, Cern and Daedelus, who are always willing to
discuss character possibilities and help out new people. The Player
Aids are top notch, and the world is constantly evolving in size,
story, and code. It's great to log in one day and find out that the
gazebo where you and your friends typically meet has been destroyed
by a demon attack - I only wish I'd been there when it had
happened. Events, like a masquerade to celebrate the King's
coronation, and the occasional demon hunt keep things VERY
interesting, and keep bringing people back.

Shadowsiege is great. Yeah. I think that's all I wanted to say.

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