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TMC Player Reviews: Shadow Siege

Review Submitted By: Fydred
Author Status: Player
Started on Shadow Siege: Today
Submission Date: Oct 24, 2004
TMC Listing: Shadow Siege

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Fydred] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Seeing patients in real life doesn't leave me with very much time and
yet I find myself spending 3 hours straight on Shadow Siege soaking in
the beautifully written room descs, and engaging with the talented
writers. Yes, I did say writers. The players in Shadow Siege are
roleplayers at their finest. Crafting stories which draw you right
into the thick of the action, you feel as if you are there in the
thick of the action. And after just minutes of playing, you will feel
at home. I promise. Not convinced? Read on.

Upon character creation I received no less that 4 'Hi Fydred's'
with people giving friendly advice via the OOC channel. Popping out of
creation I find myself in the very last city in the world that is
beseiged by Darkness. RPing a wounded character new to the city, I
stumbled into one of the largest inns in the city. Where Mirae (bless
her kindhearted soul) helped me find my bearings and pointed me in
the general direction of the city hospital.

Stumbling along, I met another friendly passerby who offered to help
me to the hospital, whose help i politely declined. After all, a man
has to try his best to walk on his own two feet doesn't he? Upon
stumbling into the hospital, lo and behold i find a priestess who
engaged in rp with me once again, where i had my injured leg propped
up on a nice fluffy pillow and carefully looked at.

A devout fan of PK muds, be it GodWars or your typical hack And
slash, I entered Shadow Siege because i was bored. Bored of the
senseless killing, bored of the mindless leveling, only to remort,
level and remort again. Shadow Siege has converted me. And it is at
Shadow Siege, Fydred, the one-armed hunter turned vagrant has made his

Give Shadow Siege a try. Make sure you have a good few hours free
though, because it will take you that long to tear yourself away from

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