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TMC Player Reviews: Abandoned Realms

Review Submitted By: Kuona
Author Status: Player
Started on Abandoned Realms: February 2004
Submission Date: Mar 22, 2004
TMC Listing: Abandoned Realms

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Kuona] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

My brother introduced me to this mud, since he seems to play it
often. I would like to point out, despite the reviews of the past,
what this mud is now:

First, newbie friendliness has much improved from what it seemed like
before(based on reviews). Granted you are definitely not supposed to
learn everything in a week, but there's so much to grasp, any amount
of help will still require time to figure out. A lot of newbie
friendly people who mention through the newbie chat have been quite
helpful, although the help is not always clear cut. I've been left
confused by some people's answers, and others I've had enough clue
to figure it out, although in most cases it's still not a straight
answer. Exploring is quite annoying, as with any mud, people just want
to know where they are going. Having known a few places outside of the
main town, it made it a little easier.

This mud also is very straightforward with its rules. They enforce
it without you knowing sometimes. I do read the rules of every mud I
go to, and sometimes I test them to see how well they are enforced. It
is a way for me in part to determine how good a mud is. And boy, they
do a good job of enforcing the rules. One night, my brother had found
some equipment from a character and decided to save it for this one,
by putting it on an unlikely NPC(I kept complaining about crappy
equipment). Between characters there is a 10 minute log time period to
wait before you can sign on again, unless it's the same character you
just logged off. About 20 minutes have passed, and I had logged on
this character to retrieve the things. With all the time that has
passed you could assume that you're not being watched, but no. As
soon as I picked up, I was immediately transferred to the 'You're in
big trouble' room, and had to go through the step process of the
rules. It was very clever to have, and at the end it gives you the
choice of pleading or not caring. I went the former. The imm made sure
I knew which rule I broke and promised not to do it again, and if I
get caught I'll have to delete, which is fair. Anyway, fairness if
anything is well enforced in the game, with people having the same
opportunity to anything.

One thing I am a little disappointed about is the playerbase. The TMC
reviews, although I would assume years old, claims 50-100 in peak
hours, but I barely see up to 30-35 on peak. I really wonder why this
is. Anyway, I'll hope to bring the playerbase up, by inviting other
people, since I do like this mud. Good job AR.

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