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TMC Player Reviews: Cuendillar MUSH

Review Submitted By: Tobas
Author Status: Player
Started on Cuendillar MUSH: 2+ years ago.
Submission Date: Nov 23, 2003
TMC Listing: Cuendillar MUSH

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Tobas] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

As the lack of reviews here really does not do the MUSH justice, I
thought I'd put in one.

I don't even remember when I started on Cuendillar, but what struck
me from the start was that they really deserve the Most
Newbie-Friendly award that they have received, since I quickly got
into things. During the years, I've participated in plots and played
with countless of players and characters, letting my characters
develop along with the MUSH itself.

One of the very special things with Cuendillar is the fact that
things really do happen, there are things moving in the world and
it's very apparent in the game if you just take the time to look
for them.

The rp is extensive and has given me quite a few wonderful
sessions. The staffers have been the greatest, helping you with
anything that you might wonder about, yet not serving everything
on a plate - there's an endless amount of possibilites if you only
take the step and join in with the world of Cuendillar.

Oh. And the character-creation system is a wonderful, wonderful thing
for us avid roleplayers. :)

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