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    Reviewed Mud: Fallout MUSH
    Review Submitted By: Ashur
    Author Status: Player
    Began on Fallout MUSH: About a year ago

    Since its conception, Fallout: El Dorado has been a labor of love to
    the series, drawing from all the games and supplementary material with
    particular favor paid to New Vegas. An extensive homebrewed system of
    perks, attributes, and skills make it easy to create any sort of
    character one desires for the Fallout world, with special Archetype
    perks available to provide a basic framework for a concept. The game
    has an active, Ameri-centric playerbase, resulting in slow mornings
    and very late nights but a bustling afternoon and evening. There are
    often multiple staff and player run events a week, with generous
    rewards and creative license to promote running and participating.

    Roleplay is primarily character-driven, with ongoing world events and
    plot arcs providing color to the world individual PCs pursue their
    ambitions in. While player-vs-player activity is allowed and
    mechanically supported, the ultimate goal is a mutually enjoyable
    experience, rather than triumphing over another player. Death is
    strictly consent-based, though conflict in all its forms has greater

    I've been playing for roughly a year now, and while there's been
    ups and downs, I can't think of another ST I know who puts the same
    tireless work into creating original material and advancing plots,
    even catering encounters and storylines to individual characters to
    help work them into the grander narratives. Vault Girl's devoted and
    passionate and it shows in the sheer volume of her output. It's been
    my main game since I joined, and I don't intend to leave it any time

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