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    Reviewed Mud: Edge of Midnight
    Review Submitted By: Foxtai
    Author Status: Player
    Began on Edge of Midnight: 2004

    I have been a player on EoM for over a decade and I have had fun for
    those many years, and have made quite a few friends over the decade as
    well.. but I am not writing this review not as a way of promoting this
    mud. It is a warning to players who would seek to play on this mud.
    There is a staffer who is in control of the mud now known as Vella,
    who has been abusing their power to make my time on there a living
    hell, accusing me of false crimes and constantly slaying me on the
    spot for the smallest things, and even things I haven't even done,
    under the false proclaimation that I was arrogant and disrespectful.
    She has even went as far as publicly slandering me on the gossip
    channel for everyone to see, adding on harassment, humiliation,
    ruining my reputation, and being an absolute control freak. This mud
    was once fun and offered a free environment for people to have said
    fun, but Vella has completely ruined it for me and I would not want
    her to ruin it for anyone else. No matter what I do, she always finds
    a reason to make my time there absolute punishment.

    Any normal person would have likely left by now, but I've been
    playing on this mud for over a decade.. and I am sure most people know
    how hard it is to leave a mud that you've been playing on for quite a
    long time.

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