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    Reviewed Mud: God Wars II
    Review Submitted By: altara
    Author Status: Player
    Began on God Wars II: fairly recently

    I know that reviews tend to concentrate on Mechanics, but it appears
    that Godwars II has been hit by some issues I’d like to talk about.
    Despite Kavir and Ragnar’s assurances that the game is a happy
    lovely place now, Batty and his brother still continue to control it.

    The game essentially is controlled by two brothers, Batty and
    Bonecaster. These two have about 95 characters between them (however
    they try to split it up and talk about other people playing from the
    same place), and keep the top two slots on the pantheon board by
    mapping these 95 chars up so that no one else can get there.
    Essentially the only way to get up to the top two is to have that many
    alts to map with as well, thus making it less Godwars and more

    Apart from their alts, which are fairly annoying, they have taken to
    spamming the main meeting point for players with chars that just send
    random messages to Gossip and the village around them. Gossip is
    uncensored and unmonitored, so the solution here is to just tune the
    channel off and forget about it, but it’s not. We now have yet
    another bot that when a specific player and his alts (Zoal) speak,
    sends more random messages to chat. It gets incredibly spammy and
    annoying, but again nothing is being done about it.

    Finally these buffoons have taken to walking around after players
    they don’t like and stealing the kill from their chars with a
    character much older. Want to argue with them, awesome! You can do so
    as long as you have a couple age 500 characters to fight them with,
    because odds are it’s going to be a two on one. It’s not uncommon
    for them to use an age 500 (which is the highest level in the game, if
    you will) to lower a player down that they couldn’t beat before,
    then use a character that player’s age to kill him, thus earning a

    It is incredible to me that Kavir lets this go on. They have badgered
    and insulted newbies, spent more time voting Godwars II down and
    talking trash, as well as harassing players and at times making them
    quit. I recommend Godwars II for the mechanics; see other reviews, but
    until Kavir actually changes something notable to keep these two from
    making the game hell for anyone who they don’t like, it is
    pointless. There are numerous comments talking about changes and etc.,
    but there has yet to be a change to fix these problems. It would also
    be worth noting that it’s the same couple of people that try to push
    every review down with comments. Some are valid, some are less so. I
    hope that eventually Kavir gets tired of seeing these two trash his
    game and wants to do something about it; finding other bad reviews
    where they were listed as problems is not all that hard.

    Kav should be commended for seeing their attempts to make the game
    harder as issues and fixing them, but there becomes a point where they
    are less players and more parasites on the game to be removed. When
    they are not around spamming the hell out of the main channel, people
    have fun and there’s a lot of good conversation on the channel
    usually. You have a fair bit of flaming and arguments, but it’s
    nothing that tends to go on.

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