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TMC Player Reviews: Genesis: The Return

Review Submitted By: sltyher
Author Status: Player
Started on Genesis: The Return: this week
Submission Date: Jul 19, 2013
TMC Listing: Genesis: The Return

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We play muds for fun and this codebase has it in spades. As a UK
player I rarely get to talk to the imms to understand their ideas.

Joining here you get a great set of newbie equip. Disable autoloot
on low level areas and go killing (ignore mudschool) but use the helpfiles.

Help class gives a lot of information and I am reliably informed
that the classes are not introduced until balanced. Certainly seems
so to me.

Clans are more specialisation of your class with covens being your
typical idea of a group of a players.
Amazingly here you can get quest points by fighting and sacking the
corpses of worthy npcs. No need to try to get objectgate for those
melee players who have fun smacking npcs.
Another great thing is the lack of badly thought out areas.
The absence of once-ubiquitious death traps and insanely aggressive
mobs does not spread to the newer areas of the game.
This codebase simply delivers on fun - balanced with intelligent
class weakness and strength.
Come visit soon :)

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