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TMC Player Reviews: Isengard

Review Submitted By: Balin
Author Status: Player
Started on Isengard: 1992
Submission Date: May 9, 2005
TMC Listing: Isengard

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Balin] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Isengard is the original and flagship mud running the Mordor code
base, which has been in operation since the late 80s. Based mainly on
the works of JRR Tolkien, but with additional diverse areas and
themes, the game offers a vast world of over 20,000 all-original
rooms. Such a large world, along with a sizable database of monsters
and items, allows even longtime players and avid explorers to discover
new and interesting facets to the game with each session.

Although Isengard is quite different from most muds, it is still very
easy for new players to pick up. This is mainly due to the simplicity
of play and intuitiveness of commands, in addition to a comprehensive
help system. Also, all commands, items, monsters, exits, and players
can be abbreviated when referenced, very useful when you find yourself
face to face with Aruzawa Tenzai.

The community is generally friendly and helpful toward newbies, and
at any given time you can expect to find between 10 and 35 players of
varying levels of skill and experience. The players have a wide range
of unique styles, from hardcore addicts to casual mudders, from
players who live to pkill to those who just log on to chat. And of
course, we have our share of resident eccentric 'characters' as
well. Roleplaying is fully supported, with an extensive list of
social commands, emote, and many other communication methods.

Isengard offers great longtime playability, as it definitely will not
become boring after a few weeks or months. With twelve classes and
thirteen races, each with their own distinct attributes and abilities,
along with fully-customizable stats, weapon proficiencies, and magical
realms, players are presented with endless possibilities for character
builds. As characters reach higher levels, they gain skills and become
eligible to take advantage of the fully-functional clan, guild, and pk
systems, solve puzzles and complete quests, as well as extend their
personalities with player shops and custom items. That's not to say
that new characters can't be just as involved, as quests exist for
lower levels, and characters can utilize the engaging combat system
right away starting from level 1.

One of the main reasons Isengard has been around for so long and
continues to appeal to both new players and oldtimers alike is because
of the active involvement of the helpful staff, which is constantly
working to keep the mud evolving. In addition to expanding the world,
the admins have added many new features and skills to the game over
the years, many of which were based on player suggestions. But above
all, players love playing here because it is FUN! Whether you're
looking for a way to to completely immerse yourself into a mud or just
casually pass the time, come check out Isengard - you definitely
won't be disappointed.

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