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TMC Player Reviews: Multi-User Dungeon (British Legends)

Review Submitted By: Kroll
Author Status: Player
Started on Multi-User Dungeon (British Legends): 1987
Submission Date: Jul 28, 2012
TMC Listing: Multi-User Dungeon (British Legends)

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An icon adventure game which I have personally enjoyed for many
years. Aim of this game is to adventure through a land and collect
treasure, solve many puzzles, slay a varying number of creatures and
try ish Land make it to the SWAMP to dump all your goodies to earn
points. But what makes British Legends special is that you have a
number of REAL playes playing. Battle it out on a the Deck of a Ship,
find weapons , use magic in battles and climb the ladder of levels to
reach the sublime level of immortality WIZARD/WITCH.

But the games does NOT end when you become and just
begins. Then you become a powerful member / guide and contoller of the
land and its adventurers.

Throughly enjoyable, with a great dedeicated community of players and
WIZARDS / WITCHES that are happy to help. You havent lived until youve
died on MUD

Enjoy :) KROLL

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