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TMC Player Reviews: Haven: Mist and Shadow

Review Submitted By: Sieg
Author Status: Player
Started on Haven: Mist and Shadow: 2yrs
Submission Date: Jul 15, 2018
TMC Listing: Haven: Mist and Shadow

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Sieg] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Two years ago, was when I first joined this game.

I can't even really say that first impressions even
gave a decent idea of the game. Imagine a World
of Darkness campaign, but with the worst players.
FishMalk VtM's, or the 'Lone Wolf'. Almost every.
Single. Character.

Dark storytelling is fun. Getting constantly gimped
because of code rather than RP, is not.

I'm going to start by saying that Haven has a
select few good players. But that's also like saying
you need to crawl the green mile to find a single
flake of silver. Code works against RP, and the
overt community of griefers. Usually, a game only
has one of these problems.

But Haven was cursed with both.

Since the devs have unconcerned themselves with
balancing, I'll be concise. The game is poorly
balanced, and is lopsided in favor of code abuse,
rather than roleplay. This is obvious in coding in
'Professional' (Noncombatant) focuses, but
completely making it worthless to RP out.
Combatants in every single sense of the word, have
it made.

But only if they min-max.

Do you want to be a social character and avoid the
trash-heap arms race of powergamers? Well, hope
you can handle being removed from RP by combat
focused ones. Excluded from plots on that basis
alone. And getting antagonized by literally
everything that needs to leech off of life-force.
Expect little from the attacker. Because a major
chunk of its antagonist playerbase seems to not
know what RP is. And use code to fill it in for them.

So, what's there to do, you ask? Well, between the
borderline illegal depiction of minors, on the side of
the players, and the endless ooze of impervious
macho men who don't kneel to the theme of horror…
Not much. You can probably make a character, ERP,
while you wait to be accepted into a better MUD.

If you want to have fun in Haven, take my advice.
Treat it like how it wants to think RP works. A one-off
experience of shallow ERP, and then tossed into the
trash like a wet tissue, before moving onto something

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