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TMC Player Reviews: Armageddon

Review Submitted By: Sam
Author Status: Player
Started on Armageddon: Over 10 years ago
Submission Date: Dec 28, 2017
TMC Listing: Armageddon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Sam] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I would like to preface what will be a rather negative review with
the very important fact that this was once not only my favorite Mud,
but my favorite game. Armageddon Mud has everything one could want
from a RP mud, including a nigh-flawless code, beautiful writing, a
deep, vast lore, and many other great attributes. Despite all of this,
the game has devolved into one which I would not recommend to anyone;
the primary reason for this is the Staff. Staff on Armageddon mud are
fickle at the best of times, and immoral/dictatorial at the worst.
They treat the game like their own personal sandbox in which they can
play god for the benefit of ~20 players who are themselves or their
close friends. Try killing the wrong player, for instance, and you
will find the player resurrected, and yourself banned. Try making a
legitimate change in-game that a staffer is not fond of, you will find
your character singled out and targeted with staff-animated enemies
until they are dead. The staff-driven plots are ones that have almost
no tangible effect on the average player, but provide entertainment
for their selected Aristocracy to experience. They tend to ignore any
player-driven ideas or changes in the world, unless it is against the
grain for the story they want to be told, in which case they will put
a halt on it. In the glory-days, you could see 100+ players online on
the weekends. Now, you are LUCKY to see that number break 40. The
massive dip in players has caused them to close sections of the world,
close clans, close guilds, and close race options. At this moment,
simply googling 'Armageddon Mud Forums' will bring you not to the
official forum for Armageddon Mud, but to a 'Shadow-Board' which
posting in overtly will get you banned from the game. This
Shadow-Board has hundreds of former players who are equally
dissatisfied with the horrible turn their beloved game has taken these
last several years. Rather than changing their ways, and attempting to
regain a massive playerbase, staff would rather keep playing in their
sandbox, and devote their time to making unwanted, unnecessary changes
that are universally disliked by the still-active players. The game
has also become a haven for politically-correct lunacy. The game's
mantra is 'Murder, Corruption, Betrayal.' But try saying the word
'Slut,' 'Retarded,' or any other politically-incorrect phrase
in-game, and you will earn OOC opposition from the playerbase and
staff. I would love to come back and play this game into which I have
devoted hundreds of days of playtime - with great relish, I might add
- but without a massive reform of the Staff, it is pointless.

As it is, this is a dying game which I would not recommend to anyone.

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