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TMC Player Reviews: Sindome

Review Submitted By: racetrack
Author Status: Player
Started on Sindome: 2015
Submission Date: Sep 8, 2017
TMC Listing: Sindome

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [racetrack] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.


I've been roleplaying since I was twelve an I can say with all honesty, twenty years
later, Sindome has been the most rewarding experience of any genre or game in I've
had the pleasure of playing.

Consistent and immersive roleplay is the crown jewel for Sindome, endless plots and
opportunities present all who wish to take advantage and participate the chance to
see their character's dreams, goals and purpose come to fruition; if they can navigate
the treachery, backstabbing, chaos, poverty and green classic to the cyberpunk theme.
No character is too low or too high to remain unscathed or reach out and try to pry
themselves up the ladder, bodies an devastation to the top.

Mechanics are well thought out and evolving where necessary or when new ideas
work themselves out to improve the game world. Balanced combat with consideration
to a number of scenarios, weaponry, enhancements and participants is only one part
of a world rich with roles for different play styles. Artistic crafting to mechanical
junkies to those who modify guns and munitions to scientists and doctors who
can change the body to chemists creating candy, getting you hooked! Transport systems,
travel, Judges and space!

Clear divide between economic classes add public dispute and conflict to complement
the underlying tension between corporate competitors and enemies to the hatred
between rival gangs, factions and interests in poverty stricken dwellings. Two distinct
environments to go with those who try to play the middle ground, with much risk, so
whatever your flavour of interest, it's there for you to explore to your heart's content.
Scheming, conspiracy, betrayal and paranoia are high and with that the chances for
characters to sneak in and twist a piece of it off to their advantage are greater!

Staff in Sindome are dedicated. One or two can be brusque and short, yes, but
please don't mistake that for inherently rude or intentionally cruel to players.
They are a small number of hardworking individuals who constantly work on
projects: plots, area improvement and rehaul, polishing areas to expand and
add new amenities and investments for characters, mechanical and code
advancement, personal to worldwide events. Helping teach characters/players
how to run positions of power to involve more characters on a consistent basis
without staff help. Answering questions and dealing with problems that, in hindsight
never needed their help but they did so anyways.

Questions repeated five plus after being told it isn't appropriate to ask, clear bug
abuse or exploit or people behaving in ways to get banned are the only times I've
seen staff go from to obviously agitated, disappointed and/or angry. In a time where
I made a critical error I was spoken with brusquely but not rudely, and it was never
held against me.

If you can handle a steep learning curve and understand that people speaking
bluntly for the sake of efficiency doesn't mean they're angry or being rude
to you, then I encourage you to try Sindome. If cyberpunk is your cup of cold tea,
of course!

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