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TMC Player Reviews: Haven: Mist and Shadow

Review Submitted By: ZLechers
Author Status: Player
Started on Haven: Mist and Shadow: I don't keep track
Submission Date: Aug 19, 2017
TMC Listing: Haven: Mist and Shadow

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [ZLechers] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I am going to have to say that overall, the game is a joke. The community is

extremely toxic. Someone thinks that using the abduct command- a command used so

that people can take your character offline and do whatever they wish with your

character- using it to take someone to a place to kill them, wait until they're

online to kill them and do that is a common courtesy. It's not. You might as

well kill them while they're offline, Z. This is a few years late, but it's

been a long time coming. They have a retarded kid rerolling on people during

antag, who they know assume is everybody that isn't part of their little wolf

pack. So what do they do? They complain about terrible roleplayers, and grief

these terrible roleplayers out of playing the game. Go to,

havenrant, and you'll see what they do. Blatantly lie to each other about

stuff. The most common liars being Torn and Jeshin. You'll get a kick out of

these two jokers. They don't actually do anything to help improve these terrible

roleplayers' way they tackle the game. Sometimes, 'you're a terrible roleplayer'

and 'you need to change your ways' ain't going to cut it. And neither is

complaining about stuff that didn't go your way. Sometimes you need to go

into detail about what you think people are doing wrong and actually HOW

they can improve it, because likely they don't even know they're doing

anything wrong. That's how some head problems work, and I'm not saying

that to be mean, because I'm autistic myself. I need people to go into

detail. The most toxic player, the staff give free karma- think of it

as upgrade points to get a more powerful character- because he's the head

storyrunner's brother. Who constantly makes a joke out of the head

storyrunner's story. So- staff... stop giving the doosh free karma

that he's going to use to ruin everybody's fun except for the people

he considers part of his little clique. Daed, buddy, you've got to stop

giving your brother so many chances. Players, give actual feedback. Go

into detail. Have FAITH that it's not the same jerk running around and

helping make it all a joke. Even if it is, he likely don't know what he's

doing, or he has exactly your problem. He doesn't have any faith. Which

is why most people act like dumb jerks. And so far, if that's the deal?

He has the right to not have any faith in any of you people.

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