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TMC Player Reviews: Elysium RPG

Review Submitted By: Anonymous
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Elysium RPG: 2001
Submission Date: Aug 11, 2017
TMC Listing: Elysium RPG

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Anonymous] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

This game seemingly had potential in a past tense statement, because it has for a long time not been what it's advertisement portrays. While every mud owner and its small player base community ideally would like to advertise their game to attract new players, it seemingly doesn't accurately depict the problems with the mud making reviews rather biased and skewed .

The game ideally suggests that you can be an emperor, however what it doesn't tell you is while being such it turns into a second job requiring countless hours to pick up the slack for a coded system that is designed for the aide of about 10 active players per city. There being 9 cities, at a minimum that requires 90 players, this game's never seen over 20 at a time, so you're picking up the slack for that.

It indicates that you're able to join an order to serve a god. There are six gods to choose from, however four of them quit and the owner has refused to replace them for ten years now, so you're basically in an order by yourself.

It indicates you can be a guild head and learn wonderful skills, of those skills you can only have up to six and are subjected to being thrown out the guild from the guild head at their calling. There are about 16 guilds and of them about 70% quit years ago or are alternate characters to players mains to allow only their friends inside.

A lot of muds have an admin staff and then a player staff, here the admins are both, so therefore are biased on their decision making. If you're in the order of a certain 'role play god' they will not subject you to punishments as an admin, because they can't separate the difference of their admin duties from their character in game performances, so be beloved by their order. This becomes problematic when in game order wars are occurring, because gods abuse admin powers on mortals for the enemy order. The game owner himself is a coder, and doesn't provide role play with his order because he's too busy and finds his admins to be flawless in their privilege abuse. They all began as regular mortal character players and when turned into gods still had friends from before and simply couldn't separate the difference which ruined the game.

A lot of things on the game require coins to get done, such as buying items, ships, warmongering, running a city, donating to poor citizens, treasuries. A fully functional city as previously mentioned requiring about 10 active people would split this cost up, however when on one person it's roughly 80,000-120,000 per day to keep afloat at max capacity for some cities and the most common way to get money is to bash crystals in the game which give about 250 coins per five minutes or so. Those cities that have been funds about 10 years ago used a bug to duplicate money and a cargo system that's not even in the game anymore. They made anywhere between 200,000,000 coins and 1,000,000,000 coins..all of which aren't available to do in the game anymore and your new player to come will never see that much money unless an older player gives them some.

There is no PvP in the game what soever, hasn't been for about 8 years, for those seeking PvP it's nonexistent in the game. When you attempt to, you're instantly harassed by the admin's on the game and told not to. They encourage what they refer to as 'Role playing drama', which refers to a few shout matches, and a more weak person to attack a strong person to invoke a fight, stronger isn't allowed to attack more weak, and this can only occur once every 14 days.' Anything else is subjected to admin punishment, bannable offenses, etc etc, to ensure there isn't a lot of PvP, so players just adapted to play with no PvP.

Due to the games community being so small in player base a lot of the players have out of character emotions towards one another, makes for horrible roleplay. It's suppose to be a role playing game, but it's more like an AOL chat room where people can bicker at one another. Not many people actually play the game, instead they use it for in game baby making with the females, who use out of character methods to win over the admins and everyone else simply idles. Idling is when the character is online, but not there as a new player you will see 99.99% of people doing this, and it'll not provide you aide in any shape or form. You're pretty much on your own as a newbie.

Life as a new player is hard on this game. Most people will presume you're an alternate character from a previous account and expect you to just simply play that account or that you're up to no good. As I said before money making is really hard and comes to the point that the money isn't really useful unless you run a city, which there are only 9 to run, some are inactive emperors some aren't, but a newbie becoming one is unlikely. The game in itself as a newbie is very confusing because the maps are outdated, there is no real game website because the owner is too cheap to provide a detailed in depth one, instead it's designed many by old players that wanted to help newbies. The original website still has the things back from 1990s on it in 2017. There is a guide in the beginning, but he only helps you for the basics, once you are done with the basics and quests there's literally nothing left for a newbie to do. It's designed to then include your character into the story for role playing, but in a game that doesn't have role playing, pvp, lacks admins, has biased orders, inactive emperors and guild heads it's very hard to see what to make of an elysium life.

A lot of us as gamers who have been on games that have gone belly up can tell when it's time to find a new game, with potential and more promising future to invest our time. Games are suppose to be fun and provide that as such, this game doesn't do that. You'll learn quick through the admins and drama of players on the game and the idling that goes on that there's nothing to gain on Elysium. The owner has had several years to change and he won't, therefore the game won't, nor the direction in which it's going. 1000s of muds since the early days of mudding have come and gone, some are still on their last leg..this is simply one of those muds that are on its last leg. I wouldn't recommend this game if you're looking for a long term game to get into. The game owner here doesn't appreciate nor respect his players and as such slowly over the years has lost all of them but about 10. It's no coincidence that you will view through orders, guilds, cities a list of names that range into maybe 1000 or more player profiles, yet only 10 realistically remain 20 years later.

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