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TMC Player Reviews: Discworld

Review Submitted By: Mursi
Author Status: Player
Started on Discworld: 10/2016
Submission Date: Dec 5, 2016
TMC Listing: Discworld

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Mursi] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Buy an Addict-o-meter as soon as you can, because you will need it.

Discworld MUD is THE most addictive MUD I've ever played, and is one of the most addictive MMOGs I've ever played.
It is so addictive, that the sympathetic creators cooked up a command called Lockout, which will lock you and your alts
out for the amount of hours, days, or weeks that you specify... and it cannot be undone, for your own good!

Discworld is a MUD of high quality, with unique & original content and countless ways to occupy your Disc time.

I'm fascinated by the structure of Admin leadership here. There are Trustees, Directors, Liaisons, Creators,
Newbiehelpers, Playertesters, and player builders called Architects. Everything they all do is held up to the
highest of standards. The managing people behind each domain take their roles seriously, are professional,
and are obviously in managing roles out there in Roundworld, too. A big chunk of why this MUD has been
so successful, I believe, is because it fell into the right hands from the very beginning. Almost hard to believe
that this MUD is free. (And by the way, players are encouraged to apply to become Creators and need not
even know how to code, though there are strict entry requirements.)

Discworld is brimming with life, options, community and activity. Imagine all the ways a developer might get its
player populace as addicted as possible to the game, and Disc has probably got them all. I think they are too
numerous to list, but my favorite ones are custom clothes, player housing, a wonderful newspaper to write for,
pets, all the shops and all the crafts, bulletin boards, mail system, playwrighting and staging feature, the
Ankh-Morpork Lottery, and the Sights to See event.
I would have to say that currently, my top three favorite things are: boardgames, presents, and Pishe priesthood.
Disc has about a dozen purchasable boardgames that players can play: off the top of my head, there is Monopoly,
Boggle dice, Scrabble, Hearts, Mastermind, Mancala, Backgammon, Chess, Connect four, Reversi, Battleslugs,
Mensa regis, Klondike, Passways, Quick categories, Liars dice, Lost cities cards, Six nimmt cards, and Solitaire peg.
Not to mention Poker, Blackjack, Billiards, and anything else I'm forgetting. To me, it's an ingenious feature and
I enjoy being able to grow some synapses within a game about all sorts of silly things. There is even a club devoted
to nothing but getting together and playing boardgames.
As far as presents, anything can become a present if you buy a gift box (several available), put something inside,
wrap it with wrapping paper and mail it so someone or anyone. I enjoy surprising people this way, and receiving
snail mail (letter inside of an envelope) or a gift from someone is a wonderful experience.
As far as Pishe priests - they are the only ones who can Ressurect players and bring them back to life from death.
I like the feeling of knowing a specialization is in demand and is appreciated.

These are the guilds within Discworld, from easiest to play to most complex: Adventurers, Warriors, Assassins,
Thieves, Priests, Wizards, and Witches. Wizards are most plentiful. All of it gets to be complex, which is why no
one can really go by without the Discworld wiki. There are many things to remember, particularly for Wizards and
Witches, and many things to juggle at the same time, which is why aliases are lifesavers.

Though there are commands which make immersive RP possible on Disc, I haven't seen much RP at all. It saddens
me, but the Roleplaying List command exists to help one find others that are open to RP. It's being used a little.
(The Events List is another feature that is not being utilized much.)

My character is not into combat much, or into exploring (since it would lead to imminent death), and as a result,
doesn't experience many surprises on the Disc. She's fallen into a routine of 'getting Idle XP, raising a skill,
offering Taxi service, putting money in a bank, and repeating'. I do wish there were more events, or impromptu
and unexpected RP encounters, but I have the bias of not having been on Disc long enough to see and experience
everything. I haven't really delved into Questing, for instance.

I'm positive that I missed countless things and features to review, but this is what I had the time and passion for.

I think that at this moment, Discworld would benefit from players who like putting on events, roleplaying, or just...
Creating. Something new, something different, and something snazzy.

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