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TMC Player Reviews: Land of Neverending War

Review Submitted By: Jeckler
Author Status: Player
Started on Land of Neverending War: 15 years ago.
Submission Date: Oct 30, 2016
TMC Listing: Land of Neverending War

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Jeckler] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The mud started up almost two decades ago, lots of changes have
been implemented to the stock system it started as.
Questing and killing generally provide many ways to increase your
characters stats.
Pkill is free reign with kingdom and clan options for all classes, not just mage.
It is suggested to check help files for things you may think are
common similarities to every mud.
I've played here for years and will say the MUD has a very stable
server and many many ways to improve your character forever.
Feel free to stop on in and have a look see.
Also new players to the game are protected from a quick death
via a 20 hour newbie protection rule, you cannot be killed by other
players until you do reach 20 played hours, plenty of time to get to
a decent sized character.
So come join in the fun, kill some little creature that noone likes and
then test your mettle against fellow players. If you love a challenge we
would love to see you.
Welcome to the Land of Never Ending War.

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