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TMC Player Reviews: Edge of Midnight

Review Submitted By: Vardos
Author Status: Player
Started on Edge of Midnight: On and off since 2010
Submission Date: Oct 14, 2016
TMC Listing: Edge of Midnight

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Vardos] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Well I have seen other reviews and have been (at various times)
player, immortal, and builder for Edge of Midnight (will abbreviate to
EoM after this) and I have a lot of different things to say.

To start with, some of the older reviews I can honestly say WERE spot
on for the time. This MUD has had some serious issues in the past and
cliques, issues, and favoritism was rampant for a long time. If you
were part of the have's it was very clear you got VIP treatment, and
the have not's were generally scrambling for scraps. It wasn't a
good place, and eventually I did the digital equivalence of taking my
ball and going home.

However, I can honestly say that the MUD issues have become
exponentially better in my most recent play experiences. Now I won't
say this is perfect (it isn't trust me) but they have managed to come
a long, long way from when I was here the first time. The community
has become a lot easier to interact with (particularly if you are
new), the game files and builds have become better (not perfect but
better most things are currently being reworked or overhauled
completely) and there are less overall issues with how characters

While it has quite a distance to go (And it does. As a side note I am
actually applying to be a builder again because I want to see this in
a wonderful spot, and the current people in charge seem to be the ones
that will get it there.) it has come leaps and bounds from where it
was. I highly encourage people to check this MUD out if they are
looking for a fun place to play.

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