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TMC Player Reviews: Waterdeep

Review Submitted By: Mikalias
Author Status: Player
Started on Waterdeep: 12 years ago originally
Submission Date: Sep 28, 2016
TMC Listing: Waterdeep

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Restarted 9.28.2016. Despite the claim that they have active players.
they do not. They have 9 people who are logged in, but never there,
which makes me think its the owner, running multiple accounts, despite
stating that its against the rules, in order to make it look like
there is active players. Newbie guide is not even close to accurate,
and you are more likely going to die kill a level 1 mob than ever
getting to level 2, because the moment you attack said level 1 mob,
suddenly 2 to 6 level 40 mobs rush into the room and destroy you

This was a great mud back in the old days, when the admins actually
played and were active and helpful. Its quite clear they are gone now

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