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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Queen Bee
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: 2011
Submission Date: Dec 26, 2015
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Queen Bee] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

There are many reviews listed on this site - many are helpful, some
are just rants. In hopes of this falling into 'helpful', but also
being honest, I am going to segment my review to address basics,
roleplay, issues, and the like. Hopefully, you will find this helpful.

Some information about my experience to start with. I am not a gamer
- I don't borg or level grind. I came to this for the roleplay aspect
of it, and it was my first game of its kind. Previously, I was a
member of a very intensive roleplaying community in forums. I have
played the game off and on for several years. Moving on.

Basics: The game is very new-player user friendly, compared to others
I have tried. It has a lot of help files, a nice tutorial, and even an
in game system in the north for new arrivals. This is likely one of
the greatest aspects of the game. The mechanics are easy to understand
and use, and the race selection and history is pretty easy to grasp
and friendly to dive into. The world is not as large as one might
expect of a MUD this old, but it has plenty to occupy you with for
awhile, though some aspects are clearly incomplete (something the
staff often hint at being expanded, though thus far I have not seen
such). It is very blind-player friendly as well, which I thought was
quite a bonus (Though I am not a blind player).

Roleplay: For a roleplay-enforced MUD, the roleplay is very lax,
unfortunately. Especially in the north. I have played predominantly in
the south (Darmahk) and can state that it is a little better, but not
by much. Over time, from when I first started until now, I have
witnessed a dramatic decline in roleplay, from its prevalence to its
integrity. While a few gems remain in this game, by and large, if you
are looking for a serious roleplay experience, look elsewhere. Most
now playing are obsessed with level grinding, since this is the only
respected consistently way of gaining respect, and those who do
roleplay, primarily only focus on smut roleplay. You generally never
see them around unless they are trying to pick up your character. THAT
SAID. You also get what you put in. If you make a conscious effort to
roleplay with people, and I mean more than just standard smily emotes
and basic pleasantries, you may stumble upon those rare gems. Or you
may not - its all about luck and how determined you are. I will state
that I have never had trouble finding people who enjoy my roleplay
enough to stick around my characters, but I have a particularly
engaging style. But, you will still have to deal with the copious
players who have no roileplay integrity, who do not competently play a
character, and who do often act irrationally. Play at your own risk,
in this regard.

Story: This MUD, unfortunately, does not have a very evolving story.
There are many things implemented into the game already, but as far as
story development goes, this game lacks it. The big events they do
have are often not fully original and don't occur often enough. A
roleplay event by this games standard is the Warlord attacking your
city, killing your weak, and causing everyone to get grumpy for losing
skills. If you like that kind of thing, more power to you, but from
experience, it really just pisses people off and makes the borgers
more borgy.

Issues: So, a lot of reviews focus on staff issues. I will offer what
I can on this subject. Staff, by and large, do try in this game. I
honestly believe that they care, even if just a little. THAT SAID,
they can be jerks, especially with their characters. But in my
experience, while everyone points a finger at Andrew's character, I
have had minimal issues with him. Having played mostly females, he has
never sexually harassed any of them, and was even polite to my
character after she declined his advances. Does the harassment happen?
Based on the number of claims, most likely, but I still believe we can
be mature and work through such a situation like adults. And if you
aren't an adult, don't play this game. I have had more issues with
other staff characters being dictators in the south and living solely
to cause people trouble. It often ruins roleplay, but I know this is
unlikely to change. As for how they handle situations, I have had the
good and the bad. I think, like most people, they get good moments of
judgement and bad moments, and have good and bad days. When you agree
to play a game, you agree to play by the creator's rules, so whether
you think they are fair or not doesn't matter. You really just have
to deal or leave.

Donations: This has its own section, because I feel you should know
how this effects the game. While originally introduced simply as a way
to support staff, with no benefits aside from roleplay, the donation
system gives certain players vast advantages, not only in items for
their character, but also in favoritism. Rules have been forcefully
bent to suit players who donate copious amounts of money to the game,
and this is unlikely to change any time soon. I wouldn't want to
offend my bag of money either. But it causes a lot of conflict in the
game, and you should be warned that it does make a difference - often
a big one.

Overall: Know what you want out of a game. I see very little point in
sugar coating the issues of this game, and there are plenty of them.
Lots of excellent players have quit this game because of what it is
slowly becoming. But, the game is easy to play. It can have its really
fun, ridiculous moments. It does have some awesome players. For all
that is wrong with it, I still play it. But don't go into this
ignorant. I am not going to say whether you should or should not join
this game, because either way, I would be hypocritical. But you should
know what to expect, simply so you are not disappointed if it doesn't
meet your standards. If you are looking for a light roleplay
environment in which you can grind a character up to high levels that
take ridiculous amounts of actual time achieving, this game is perfect
for you. If that isn't what you want, think about what it offers
before you try it out.

I hope this helps!

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