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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Scales
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: many moons ago
Submission Date: Nov 25, 2015
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Scales] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I have a love/hate relationship with this game. Some of the biggest
problems, to echo many of the reviews, come from staff.

The other problems with this game are it's OOCness. It's supposed
to be a strict IC only, RP only MUD. However, players are OOC =as
hell= and never get punished for it. They use OOC information
instantly, they form cliques on Skype and share information that their
characters would ICly have no way of knowing. I've even seen evidence
that someone was - in real time - using information from one Guild's
chat as IC information for his other character.

Alts abuse the powers of their other characters. Thieves are the
worst. If I could give Andrew one piece of advice, it'd be to nuke
the Thief Guild from existence. Far from the best RPers on the game,
as advertised, they are completely horrid at RP and are the most OOC
people I've ever met in any RP mud, ever. And that says a lot. They
use OOC info constantly, they use their info gained on their thieves
cross-alt, and they settle grudges their non-Thief might have with
their Thieves. It's atrocious gameplay, and I've never met a Thief
that didn't abuse their position OOCly.

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