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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Vee
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: A month ago
Submission Date: Jul 26, 2015
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Vee] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

So, I've only been playing New Worlds for a month and I felt like I
should weigh-in with my experiences thus far. I started out making my
first character in the North, which is more newbie friendly and after
a couple of weeks, I became a bit bored and made an alt in the South
which is advertised as being harsher and not newbie friendly.

I'm going to start out with my biggest beef with this MUD so far.
I've seen New Worlds advertise itself both as RPE and RPI, BUT...
okay. I hate to be a RP snob (but I am a RP snob) and for the most
part, the 'RP' I've seen on New Worlds has consisted mostly of:

Bob nods. Bob laughs. Bob smiles. Bob asks, 'How are you today?'
I probably wouldn't have even stuck with the game this long if I
hadn't latched onto another player on my northern character - a
player who is, hands down, one of the best writers I've ever come
across in my 15 years of RPing. I pretty much exclusively RP with him
now as... once again, I hate to be a RP snob, but I haven't really
met anyone else on the game who I feel is worth my time. I'm not big
on idle chit-chat tavern RP. I don't want to sit there for an hour
and endure a one-dimensional scene of just says and nods and smiles
and laughs.

That said, after making my southern character, I have run into three
more people who seem to put actual effort into emoting and RPing
rather than just relying on built-in emotes and says. But they seem to
be the exception rather than the rule.

So far as I've observed, people tend to break character often,
making references to OOC movies and books, poking fun at flukes in the
code (ex. 'I just crippled a snake's arm. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SNAKES
HAD ARMS.'), and just otherwise being silly in an OOC way in their
emotes (ex. Bob boggles at the concept of the fourth wall. <- Yes,
that is a real emote I witnessed on this game.) At times it feels more
like a chat room than a MUD where roleplay is supposed to be a key
feature. At least it does in the North. My RP has been so limited in
the South that it's difficult to say how the majority of players act
down there. I imagine they're a good deal more serious, though, as
the entire IC culture of the South is simply more serious!

That's not to say I haven't liked my experience there so far. There
are things to enjoy! For example, I love that, in the North, new
players can receive an IC tour of the city which is given by another
player. I hate automated tours in games, so that was a fun and new
experience. You have to RP through the process of joining a guild
rather than just automatically starting out the game in a guild, and
in my experience, that made for a bit of fun RP (if a bit one-sided at
times). Sailing about is fun and there are various islands out in the
ocean that you can explore. And the playerbase is large, though the
game's mechanics encourage idling (several things being set on timers
which only progress by being logged in to the game), so even though
there's usually about 130 people shown as being online, they're not
actually all there actively playing.

If you're looking for a casual game to dump your time into, then New
Worlds is probably the game for you. And you should check it out!
It's nice and fun and light. If you're looking for a serious RP
experience with intriguing plots, however, then I'd say you should
probably keep looking. Once again, I'm not looking to hate on the RP
community of New Worlds as there are a few gems buried throughout the
world, but, overall, it's definitely not the sort of RP environment
you would imagine when you hear the phrases RPE or RPI.

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Comment Submitted By: Vee
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: A couple of months ago
Submission Date: Aug 13, 2015

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Vee] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

Well, lol. I would like to begin this with the disclaimer that I'm
speaking from a place of bitter disappointment, but I thought I should
comment here to just provide an update on my experiences playing in
the southern setting on this game to anyone who might be considering
creating a character on New Worlds and who might have read my review
up above.

When I first wrote my review, I had only been playing in the South
for a week or two at most on my secondary character and so, I
couldn't really speak on it. But now I can! Especially seeing as I
just abandoned said character as the RP she got sucked into became so
completely ridiculous that it was no longer even worth pursuing.

In this game, one can be a merchant or, as they're known in the
South, a trader. These are actual characters who craft and sell goods
to other players and it all seemed like a rather interesting idea to
me, so I decided to have my girl pursue entry into the trader's
guild. The South seemed in dire need of more traders, after all, as
there are only FOUR active traders at the time of this writing. I
would just like to reference my above review in saying that there are
usually 130 characters logged in at one time on this game. So having
only four of those being within this one guild was rather shocking to

But I soon realized why this is the case.
Despite the fact that my character was doing immensely well on these
guild joining tasks, noted by the fact that three of the four active
traders all noted that she was very talented and promising, the fourth
trader in the group - who shall from here on out be referred to as
Crazy Chick - seemed intent on trying to ensure my character didn't
receive an invitation to join the guild. This was all rather confusing
to me as our characters hadn't interacted much at all up to this
point. Our characters didn't know each other at all (in this game,
one has to use an 'intro' command so that other characters can
remember the name of yours). There was no basis in RP for any of this.
And yet this character in particular was going around saying that mine
was a liar and a worthless piece of 'crap,' except insert the ruder
word for crap there.

Well, okay then.
I tried to not let it bother me and attempted to keep going. But
things came to a rather messy head when my character was made to do
the fourth task of the trader's guild joining process which was to
design a hypothetical event and present a detailed plan of said event
to the guild. I worked on this task for almost a real week. I spent a
LOT of time on it. I detailed it down to the very souvenirs my
character intended to offer for sale and the refreshments she would
serve. I submitted the task.

The next day, I had an IC letter from Crazy Chick in which she named
my character as a 'liar' and a 'thief' while claiming my character
had plagiarized her event. Of course, I was very confused. Upon
further IC digging, I learned the ONLY thing in common between my
character's proposed event and that of Crazy Chick's was one word
found in the name of both events - a rather common word utilized often
within this southern setting, for the record. I should also note that,
before the submitting of said task, my character was made to sit down
with one of the other traders and go over the ideas for her event with
him. She told him the name of the event, the theme, the intended
purpose, etc. etc. If there was truly an issue with her proposed event
sharing ONE WORD in the title with another event, surely he would have
mentioned it at that time, right?

Apparently not.
My character was suspended from tasking with the traders while an
'investigation' was held to find out the truth of these plagiarism
claims. Eventually, my girl was given the task of sending to Crazy
Chick a detailed explanation of how my character came to plan her
event including her various thought processes.

So I did.
And then the next day, I had another IC letter, this time saying my
character had been found guilty of plagiarizing ANOTHER event, an
event apparently hosted by one of the faiths found within this game,
though this event went unnamed within said letter. I'm still not sure
what event I've never heard of before - given the fact that I'm a
fairly new player to this game and by this point, I'd been playing in
the South for MAYBE three weeks - I'm supposed to have plagiarized,
but I was told, 'That's of no consequence,' when I questioned it
IC. My character's punishment was to be subjected to a public shaming
in which she'd have to give an apology and then swear an oath to
never plagiarize again on pain of death. And then she'd have to redo
the task that I had worked on for almost an entire week.

As you can imagine, I noped the heck out of that and ended up
quitting the character after following through with the RP to the
point of having my girl withdraw her application to the guild and send
one final letter of
before she left the city for good.

I do have one OOC friend who also plays this game; he's played for
several years. When I vented to him about my experiences, he informed
me that Crazy Chick is 100% the reason why there are only four traders
within the South and that she's been in trouble with staff for her
craziness in regards to trader applicants before. He suggested I go to
staff and let them know what happened. So, I did. And they honestly
didn't seem to care. Which was fine with me. I wasn't looking for
them to intervene. I didn't want my hand held. I just wanted them to
be aware of a ridiculous bit of 'RP' that smacked more of a rather
sad sort of person jealously trying to destroy someone who had the
potential to be better than them at their profession without any good

Which, granted, is entirely realistic. If you're playing a crazy,
insecure person. I just wish there had been some actual RP behind all
of it, some actual interaction between our characters rather than a
single brief encounter that had Crazy Chick screaming a death threat
at my girl when Crazy Chick shouldn't have even been able to pick her
out of a crowd, given the fact that our characters had never been

So, if you managed to make it this far in this rather long comment, I
suppose I'll just conclude with: Be warned if you do decide to make a
character here in the South, ESPECIALLY if you decide you want to be a
trader. You'll know which one of them is Crazy Chick rather
immediately, I'm sure.

The sad thing is that I still really want to play a trader on this
game. I have a Word document filled with ideas for events (nerd alert,
I know) I wanted to host in the South to try and bring them some more
activity and RP love as the city there, unfortunately, seems to be a
ghost town most days. But alas. I could try again with another
character, of course, but I honestly don't think it's worth my time
or effort if that's the sort of 'RP' I could expect within that
guild and setting. This whole experience has just left me burned and
rather bitter and I would probably just up and leave the game entirely
at this point were it not for the fact that I still have my northern
character with her one line of RP which is, thankfully, interesting
and fulfilling enough to make me want to stay.

So there's that at least!

Comment Submitted By: Dark Mana
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: 2012
Submission Date: Aug 21, 2015

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Dark Mana] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

@Vee, hey there :) I know the incident you're referring too, and
it's unfortunate. I too play a character in the South (exclusively,
now) and I've got to say (I've played real RPI's for years), the
South beats the north hands down if you're looking for good and
rewarding RP. So please do stick with the Traders, even if it's in
another form. It's hard to find RP in the South because people don't
hang around the Den 24/7 and treat it as a chat room as the North
sadly does with their Tavern, but you will find some extremely
talented writers in Sudenland. I consider myself a veteran RPer, and I
agree with your above sentiments that most of NWA RP is a joke, but
there are some true masters of roleplay in the South, and in
influential or interesting positions too, if you can get ahold of

So please, for the RP's sake, try again.