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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: seven
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: newbie
Submission Date: Sep 17, 2013
TMC Listing: God Wars II

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [seven] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Godwars II is what you might imagine a classroom full of first graders
devolving into after a teacher has left the room for 20 minutes. I have seen a
lot of reviews (mostly negative) and a recent forum post where KaVir can not
make up his mind as how to handle this group of players and wanted to give it a
try. first off, I want to say that the mud itself is amazing. If I could just
connect to my very own godwars II and play, I would be fairly happy. My only
hitch as far as the game goes is the lack of players around my age as a newbie
to pk with. As I am really into PK, this is a rough spot for me. There are more
people as I go up the ladder, so I guess I will have to work up to that point.

My second and largest issue is the playerbase as a whole. These are the sorts
of players you need a lot of beer or some good medication to handle for to long
and nothing is off limits. I have seen reviews where KaVir basically trashed a
player for complaining about all the spam and issues and stated that he
provides the tools to allow you to deal with yourself. This is half true and
half not. Firstly, at this very moment when I create a character I land in the
main village, where there are three characters whose purpose is to do nothing
but stand around and be used to spam chat (more on that later). There is also a
bot (sealboy) who was made to make fun of another player who basically just
says and emotes random stuff over and over again. There is also a player who
has botted tossing the heads of two people he dislikes back and forth from one
hand to another. This is obviously a wonderful place for newbies to be
introduced to the game. While they're trying to learn their way around,
everything is cluttered by these useless chars and all of this spam (which we
don't actually have the tools to deal with). As I mentioned before, nothing is
off limits--it's not all that uncommon to see insults flung back and forth on
the newbie channel (or even at the newbies, for that matter).

My final biggest issue is the use of the channels and bots themselves. I have
seen references to characters being set up to be used in response to another
player chatting, but I never really thought it would go as far as it has. Right
now as I write this, there is currently a bot called troll whose purpose is to
do nothing but send a random prewritten message to the chat channel when
hellbane or one of the many alts previously mentioned standing around in the
village uses the channel. While I am told that KaVir previously asked for this
to be kept off of the chat channel, he is not here (nor has he been in almost a
week now) and the aforementioned tools to combat these issues are doing us all
a lot of good. Along with the spam bots, the bots I mentioned earlier are also
used for their own form of spam. There is a bot that someone wrote that will
remember everyone's chat messages and which you can use over a public channel
to see what someone's last chat was, as long as how long ago it was sent.
Naturally, this is being abused as well. There are probably at least 5
characters per every unique player (on the low end) that were created and whose
purpose was to send some insult over chat and quickly disconnect. These are
triggered by the bot any time someone goes into a fit of rage and feels like
sending insults at someone else's clan, mother, brother or famly. It's like
having a hotkey with preprogrammed insults for the players you hate the most
you can use without requiring to much effort.

I enjoy the game quite a lot, though I am not sure if I want to stick around
and watch all this drama play out. Using the ignore feature would basically
have me ignoring ~90% of the current active player base which is a bit
depressing and irritating all at the same time. I don't mind it off and on, but
eventually it's a bit like listening to a couple of kids constantly fight with
each other back and forth and it gets old really fast. KaVir's tools for
handling these issues are not very complete and thus the game does not really
tend to run itself in the absence of an admin. As he has been gone for about a
week or so, I do not see anything changing that fast. In the event he takes
notes, I fully expect another forum post asking the community at large how to
clean up the trash that has infested his mud; apparently thinking for himself
is a bit to much to ask. I believe there are less complex (but better run) muds
out there that will not require a masochistic attitude to play.

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Comment Submitted By: Xakarii
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: August 2005
Submission Date: Feb 4, 2014

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Xakarii] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

Ok, so what I'm hearing is you would rather play a pk mud with no
other players, because you don't like hearing comments over a channel
that you can toggle on and off with 'config chat'. Makes sense to
me! Also, I haven't seen Towncrier shouting in Glyphstone in quite a
long time, and even when he did it wasn't all the time. Though it
does make sense to give newbies an option of starting the game with
removable earplugs that gag all say, whisper, shout and tell
messages. And KaVir, being the cool guy that he is would probably
seriously consider this idea if anyone ever suggested it.