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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: Torik
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: Mid 2006-2007
Submission Date: Oct 10, 2012
TMC Listing: God Wars II

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Torik] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I started playing God Wars II about 5-6 years ago, and through those
6 years and my playing on and off, there have been many numerous
changes. I have to say that it is one of the most advanced and complex
muds I’ve ever played, and for that I really enjoy it; it’s not to
often one stumbles upon a unique mud with all of the options for
character customizations that are available.

One of the most unique features I have seen is the movement and
combat in the mud. Movement isn’t done room by room as with most
muds, but is distance based; you target a location, NPC or building
and then type ff to start your feet moving in that direction. This
allows for a lot of combat that still sort of exists in other muds but
can’t be exploited to it’s full potential. For example, imagine a
ranged build where you are casting; in most other muds, you might be
able to throw stuff from room to room, but it’s not exactly ranged.
In God Wars II, a caster could start casting and retreat away from
another player so that their melee weapons could not hit them. It is
then up to the player to find some way to catch the caster or disable
him from retreating.

As I mentioned already, the FF command would start your feet moving
forward; this idea is not only limited to your feet. Each limb (feet,
left and right arm, head and sometimes tail) gets different commands,
which are called techniques it can perform. A caster has commands like
wiggle, snap, clap and point, which they are able to chain together to
cast spells. For example, a caster might type rw rc rp to teleport; It
means that they are wiggling their right finger, clapping, then
pointing in the direction they targeted; upon completion of the final
tech the caster is teleported. This set of commands also extends to
weapons as well; when you wield a weapon, it alters the techs you can
perform with that hand. A whip might have a lash tech, but it
wouldn’t make sense for a sword to have the same sort of command.

Your characters are built up by using powers and talents; you get
powers by aging up, and occasionally you have the ability to grab an
extra talent. Powers generally give ranked-based bonuses, with talents
to add to those or add other abilities to your character. For example,
a demon might have powers in Demon form, which gives stats per rank.
An age 400 player then, could have demon form at a base of 40 (minus
any bonuses you may have).

As mentioned before, apart from powers you have talents which further
allow you to customize your character. Talents like ambidextrous,
which allows your off-hand to perform techs at the same speed as your
right hand, to tough hide, which allows some setups to gain extra

All in all, God Wars II is a very enjoyable mud to play; it’s loose
set of rules and an admin that is willing to work with the players is
of course a bonus. One primary problem I am noticing is the trend from
players to bots. While I have been guilty of botting (botting your
kills and then playing with your character is much more fun for me),
it has turned into a war to see who can make the most characters. For
example, there is an event that occurs 4 times a day that is called
the great war. It is essentially a fairly sophisticated card game.
While people would generally bot it sometimes with between say 1 and 4
players, KaVir decided that to make it more fair, if you joined the
war with more than one player, the gods (the NPCS in the war) would go
after you harder than anyone else. To get around this, two people have
created a multitude of alts; essentially what happens is they put
enough bots in the war than there are gods, so essentially they always
win quite a lot of glory each time they decide to flood the war with
bots. This might not be a huge issue, but should you dare to not agree
with them while they harass other players (and newbies quite often as
well), you get to be the target of some 40 plus odd bots that go after
you. While I don’t have a problem with PK, as God Wars II is a PK
mud, it seems as if the mud has degraded into a contest of who can
have the most bots.

God Wars II has made huge improvements in the time I played; while
there have been lapses in new features from time to time, KaVir always
adds something new and cool to play with and tweaks it a bit as he
goes to make it more in balance with the rest of the game. As I
mentioned before, I particularly enjoy the unique setting and gameplay
that God Wars II offers, as well as the vast array of customizations
open to each player. While there are issues with two people harassing
everyone and flooding the war with bots, I believe KaVir will work out
a fix that will balance things out again. I would really like to
encourage everyone to go give the game a shot.

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Comment Submitted By: Anonymous
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: 4 years ago
Submission Date: Oct 13, 2012

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Anonymous] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I have to agree with the fact that most players are
probably going to have a hard time with all the botting
and multiple alts in this game. Its true, recently a few minor
changes were made to wars to prevent some of this, but many of
the other parts of the game are still dominated by it. Hopefully
in the future this will be amended, but for now if you are
looking for a 'fair game' without tons of multiple alts and botting
then this is probably not the game for you.

Comment Submitted By: KaVir
Author Status: Staff member
Started on God Wars II:
Submission Date: Oct 16, 2012

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [KaVir] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

You may be pleased to note that players are now restricted to two characters
each during Great/Chaos Wars. I've also applied the same two character
restriction to regular gameplay within the Nexus.

Even having two characters is an advantage, of course, but as you pointed out
the lords are already much more likely to attack players who join the war with
multiple characters.

For regular play in the Nexus, I've introduced a separate handicap system which
gives players an artificial boost to age 600 during PK (at least in terms of
skills, styles and stats). This is weaker than proper advancement, but it does
reduce the power difference between older and younger characters - and because
the handicap DOESN'T apply if you've got more than one character in the Nexus,
it further helps reduce the advantage of multiplaying.

I've also been introducing other changes to reduce newbie abuse, for example
Temporal Shift no longer allows you to teleport players around if they're much
younger than you, while event and Nexus mobs are no longer aggressive outside
of their spawning areas (so if you lead the mobs to newbies they won't kill
them, they'll just walk back to their starting areas).

In addition I've started introducing 'newbie helpers', who have the ability to
block people from verbally harrassing newbies, and will have additional options
for helping newbies who are stuck or confused. They are not true staff (and
have no special abilities that help them competitively), but I'm hoping they
will help make the game more appealing to newcomers.

Comment Submitted By: Ragnar
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: 06
Submission Date: Oct 16, 2012

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Ragnar] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

It should be noted that the mentioned botting abuses
have, by in large, been fixed. Tweaking will still be necessary,
however in the last week wars have reverted to normal
and it is now difficult or impossible to use more than 2 characters at once for pk.