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TMC Player Reviews: Realm of Shadows

Review Submitted By: Bomadil
Author Status: Player
Started on Realm of Shadows: September 2010
Submission Date: Feb 26, 2011
TMC Listing: Realm of Shadows

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Bomadil] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

First thing - Great MUD, This MUD is great for experienced players
and newbies alike. For an experienced player the multiclass feature
allows for various combos within the standard classes this makes solo
play easier

For newbies there is lots of support available from the experienced
players who will always help but also from the IMMs one of whom will
normally be around.

A clan system is available too. For a fee there is a nice corpse
retrieval system to give new people license to explore, without fear
that they'll lose their eq etc

The random items enhance the standard eq nicely. Meaning no two chars
will ever be the same, but also anyone has the chance to find really
good eq without having to know the MUD backwards.

Level tiers are a really neat touch, not only for additional stats.
but also enhanced skills.

Some more redevelopment and skill changes are being looked at to
further enhance playability. There is a forum to air views and have
your chance to develop the MUD.

The MUD just needs a bigger playerbase, but if you do take a look you
won't be disappointed. Stick around and help the MUD develop to its
full potential. We need groups!

Overall: Imms - great and open to suggestions of improvement. Players
- willing to help Playability - developed enough for experienced, easy
enough for newbies.

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