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TMC Player Reviews: Realm of Shadows

Review Submitted By: Razma
Author Status: Player
Started on Realm of Shadows: April 2010
Submission Date: Jun 2, 2010
TMC Listing: Realm of Shadows

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Razma] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Realm of Shadows is a SMAUG based mud that has been clearly heavily
modified. Having experience working with the 1.4a codebase it's clear
that a lot of time and effort has been worked into the mud to create a
sound foundation MUD.

The MUD staff are all quite friendly and Roleplay safe. Their 'FLI'
system allows for players to worship specific immortals within their
realm and reap extreme benefits for the cost of your loyalty. I find
this to be a unique interactive system which has added a level of
depth and interaction. I had cause to contact the Implementer directly
with a small problem, and it was quite literally resolved within

The Areas are well designed and connected, allowing for a variety of
places to explore. The NPC's are well balanced and places to level
are available making the leveling as challenging or as safe as you
prefer, of course with higher rewards for higher risks. The leveling
system is well balanced and so far has been enjoyable. I personally
have been leveling slower than others, but the time I do spend on time
is sometimes accompanied by double experience which has been a most
helpful gift when it becomes available.

Naturally I'd like to see more players, but thats up to all of you
reading this review. This MUD is a great home, and it's welcoming to
new players. It had been 8 years since I stepped into a MUD before
this one, and I found the staff and other players helped me get back
into it with ease.

I hope to see you all on Realm of Shadows!

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