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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Sazxe
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: July 2009
Submission Date: Sep 2, 2009
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Sazxe] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

New Worlds is my second foray into the world of LP Muds after
my first had ended in boredom. I've since become a roleplayer
and I've subsequently gone through several MUDs and evaluated
their capacity for being able to foster a vibrant and ever
changing environment that always keep players coming back for

There are some things that New Worlds do quite well. I like
the variety of classes and the way that they're set up. At
the time of this writing, there are the following classes:
Warrior, Fighter, Rogue, Assassin, Mage, Shaman, Dark Cleric,
Light Cleric, Druid, Trader, Thief, Retter, and Merchant.
Each and every one has several unique abilities that allows
a player's character to develop themselves in a believable
and excellent way.

New Worlds also offers a variety of locales, there are two
starting cities and several places to explore, and there is
a working ship system that one would assume would give players
the ability to search the ocean for hidden islands with
all sorts of awesome goodies on them.

At its core, at least according to the staff, New Worlds is a
roleplaying MUD. However, there are many things that hold it
back in this regard. The staff often wants players to be the
ones to generate roleplay, however, there are characters called
INPCs who are in control of the cities that appear to be relied
heavily upon when RP is generated by the players. This leads to
issues such as a broken law system, should a law actually be
broken, the players are unable to deal with this themselves and
must wait for a staff member to be available to play a judge.

A large problem caused by this is that it's very difficult for
players to organize their own events outside of beach parties
and dances because of the lack of involvement of the staff with
the in-game religions. There is a light religion, a neutral
religion, and a dark religion. In most cases, these would be
the source of great conflict, however, the gods don't actually
-do- anything despite the threat in the help files. It's very
difficult to cause any sort of religion conflict, because the
only thing that determines whether or not anyone could win or
lose is the levels of the followers, and if those followers
lose, there's no actual divine retribution for failure because
the god characters are simply non-existant.

Another gripe that I have with the game is a common one for most
games. A great majority of the playerbase seems unable to take
the setting seriously, including people elected to lead the many
guilds that make up the game. An example of this is the current
leader of the Mage's Guild, who ostensibly should be a paragon
of good roleplay, but often spends his time cussing people out
like an immature high schooler. This is not to say that all guild
leaders are like this, but to me it feels like there should be
a little more quality control when it comes to people who would
be leading the game's roleplay.

Overall, the MUD is run well. The setting is well-developed and
the staff does pay attention when there are bugs to be reported.
The game does suffer from some bugs and if you're a roleplayer
that enjoys hack and slash as well, you may find the gameplay
to be rather slow. Other than the intense lack of detail of most
to roleplay, the game is worth a play if you can find your niche,
but I certainly hope that the possibility of staff members
who devote their time to perhaps increasing roleplay in-game
is considered.

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