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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Lookin
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: June 2009
Submission Date: Jul 31, 2009
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Lookin] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

The first time I tried New Worlds was in its previous Beta stage. I
created an Immigrant and to be perfectly honest, it proved to be one
of the more friendlier Muds to new players. I found plenty to do in
order to occupy myself, including finding a bit of roleplay. However,
after your character progresses out of newbie status (immigrancy), it
is then advanced into being a Serf while waiting to join a guild.

This initial attempt to play was great up until I joined their Magi
guild. After joining, there was nothing. I was lost and had no clue
how to properly advance within the guild. There was no help offered in
terms of advice. At the time, there was no set requirements for
guilded members to advance within the guild itself. Not being able to
figure out much of anything, I left the game and went back to my home

After a couple years, I decided to try the game again. This time, I
found it a bit easier to figure out in terms of character advancement.
They had recently performed a player-wipe in which all the old players
of the mud were deleted. I couldn't imagine the frustration that came
to the players because of that. As tedious as it is to advance within
the game, they had to do it once and were forced to start out from
scratch again. Of course, I also understand that it was needed in
order to perform a rather large change in the game.

This time around, my character joined one of its religions
organizations. These organizations are supposed to offer conflict with
the opposing side. It's sort of a good/evil type atmosphere with the
religious roles offered. However, conflict in general is shot down
before it even gets off the ground. The players are told to create
their own roleplay and conflict within the game. Yet, when players
create conflict with some of the other players that are favored by
staff members, the staff will step in every single time. I only played
the game a couple months and within that time, I had heard other
players themselves complain about that very thing I eventually
experienced. I was warned not to attempt conflict oriented roleplay
because of staff favoritism, but I thought they simply ended up angry
and bitter because they didn't get their ways. Therefore, I went
ahead and attempted to start a bit of conflict roleplay myself. Note
that the conflict I began had nothing to do with playerkilling.

Obviously, that was quickly stopped and I then gave up on the game as
a whole. Shortly afterward, I attempted to write a player review much
like this one and place it on their forums. It was deleted within an
hour's time and my account banned. I pointed out the good points and
bad points of the mud along with ways they could potentially improve.
Obviously, they don't take too kindly for constructive input from

To address another issue I encountered; the game imposes move points
that are referred to as SP. These are so low that new players cannot
walk across their beginning town without either stopping to rest
(regenerate SP), for quite a while or eating food in order to
regenerate them. The consumption of food is severely limited as
character's stomachs get too full to eat more rather quickly. Even at
the point of guild level seven, which is the level I achieved before
leaving, character movement is severely limited. Therefore, if you are
a player who enjoys exploring a mud and obtaining a bit of adventure,
you will find yourself hard pressed to be able to accomplish that here
without dedicating hours upon hours to the attempt.

Another issue I encountered is the fact that a majority of the
players who are logged into the game are afk most of the time. This
leaves the impression that there are around 100 characters for your
own character to roleplay with. When in truth, there might be 50
players, if that many, who are aware at any given time. The mud
mechanics actually encourage a permanent login and general afkness
There are certain features within the game that are timed. Initially,
I thought the timed features were clocked whether you're online or
not. Then, I found that if you play for say an hour one day, complete
one of them, log out then come back the next day, the features are not
available again. For instance, they have player bonuses for roleplay
that players can give to other players who roleplay with them. These
bonuses are available to be given out once every 23 to 24 hours. Note
that this is logged in hours instead of a general once a day.
Therefore, if you encounter decent roleplay with other players, you
have to be logged in for entire days at a time in order to bonus them.
There are other features just like that. The game encourages players
to keep their characters logged in and afk constantly, leaving the
impression of a much larger playerbase at any given time.

Anything and everything in the game requires a rather large time
investment. In short, if you are a casual player, you will find
yourself sorely limited here. If you wish to play an exciting game in
which roleplay conflict exists on a player level without severe staff
intrusions, you might as well pass this game up.

This game is more geared to those who have a ton of free time on
their hands as well as stay-at-home moms who enjoy snuggle type
behavior. This is about the only type of roleplay that is accepted
here by the staff members. Remember, if you plan to try this game, do
not attempt to roleplay a conflict oriented character. It simply is
not worth your time and that type of player is not welcomed in this

This brings me to one more point about free games themselves. In all
my wandering while trying to find a fitting mud for myself, I've
found that nearly every free game I've come across is run by admin
who have very little to no idea of customer service. They seem to
possess the idea that if you don't like something about my game, go
elsewhere. They want things their way without a thought of those who
actually play the game. This could be why most of their playerbases
are so small. I've personally found that the admin in muds that
require some sort of payment are much more open to change that suits
their players as well as general customer service as a whole. It
basically boils down to, you get what you pay for.

I'd recommend this game to the unemployed or those who have
absolutely nothing else to do with their lives who do not want any
kind of excitement whatsoever in terms of hobby games. Play it if you
want snuggly roleplay, period.

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Comment Submitted By: Marcavus
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: 2009
Submission Date: Sep 11, 2009

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Marcavus] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I will agree the poster of this review is correct in the
assessment that the player count is incredibly deceptive. Since
beginning to play, I usually only see 5-10 people actively RPing
around in the city, and even then it leaves something to be
desired. There are quite a few people who spend 90% of their time
idling in their guilds or even idling in public and ignoring
people entirely. I've been guilty of this as well, but the who
list's count should be taken with a bit of skepticism.

However, I disagree that conflict RP is 'always' shot down. Since
I've started playing, I have seen quite a few things happen IC
without any major staff interaction. On the other side of the
coin, though, there have been some conflicts that the staff have
involved themselves heavily in for no apparent reason. As with
all conflicts of the nature, though, not all of the players are
privy to all of the details, so perhaps each time that it happens
it is justified. We're unable to make that assessment correctly
because more often than not, the staff doesn't comment on those
things so we're only left with the player's side of the story.

With regard to the SP, it is a bit of a hurdle, but there is a
reason for it. According to the help file, each room is 1/8 of
a mile. It is a bit unrealistic to be able to run several miles
without any rest. There is a lot of exploration to be done on
New Worlds, just not the kind of exploration that you can whip
through in a day.