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TMC Player Reviews: Ansalon

Review Submitted By: Danny Thornhill *Tachande*
Author Status: Player
Started on Ansalon: Circa 99'
Submission Date: Mar 15, 2009
TMC Listing: Ansalon

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Danny Thornhill *Tachande*] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Well, to start off. Ansalon has one of the friendliest Immortal staff
and player bases I have ever experienced in a mud. From the get go, I
was warmly welcomed and helped after a LONG hiatus from the mud.

The people playing within are extremely helpful in Equipment runs and
Roleplaying suggestions. The maps made for the mud are above all, one
of the most helpful bases for moving throughout the mud. Even when
you're in a gray area, which are few, you can easily be helped by
either an immortal or Player.

The item base in the game is BROAD, and wickedly fun to use, find,
trade, and quest for. The quests are varied and fun, and the classes,
races, and roleplay are unique in each and every way.

Thank you, Zivilyn and Other Imps, Immortal, Veterans, and players
whom have given so much to make a truly Wonderful Mud. :)

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