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TMC Player Reviews: Wheel of Time

Review Submitted By: Vertas
Author Status: Player
Started on Wheel of Time: 2001
Submission Date: Mar 28, 2008
TMC Listing: Wheel of Time

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Vertas] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I started playing WoTMUD back in 2001 and was immediately impressed
by the way I was immersed in the world and community right away. A lot
of muds can make it difficult for new players to feel like they're a
part of the community, but here it seems to happen within a few hours
of logging on.

The people are generally very friendly and willing to answer
questions and help people out with exp and equipment when they need

The pk is also very good. I've never taken a huge role in pk but I
did enjoy it when I did it. And it keeps you on your toes too. You
never know when you're going to run into a rampaging trolloc, fade or

I just recently came back to the mud after a 7+ year absence and it
was like I never left. There seem to plenty of new additions though
that make things easier to get started, but the community was like I
never missed a beat. There are even a number of old names I remember
which shows that the end game content on this mud is good enough to
keep players playing it for at least 7 years.

All in all WoTMUD is probably the best all around mud I've ever
played. It's got rp, good PvE and exciting PvE plus a community that
is active around the clock.

I give it a 10/10

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Comment Submitted By: Dorgo
Author Status: Player and staff member
Started on Wheel of Time: 1997
Submission Date: Jul 2, 2008

(The following review comment is the opinion of the comment's author [Dorgo] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff).

I have to pretty much agree completely. I started back in the late
90's when the pbase/map was much smaller. It was something to do to
kill time. Or so I thought. It became a fascinating place where I
wasn't me, I was a clanned warrior fighting for Queen and Country. Or
I could change sides and become a fearsome Trolloc. Or, now, a
Seanchan Wow! I have the chance to playact and kill things? I'm in.

There is constant interaction between the races, sometimes small
skirmishes between 2 players, others massive engagements involving 30+
players. That'll get your blood pumping and your hands shaking like
nothing else. Into quests? There are hundreds of them. General quests
for the entire race, specific quests for individual clans, and
occassionally rather large and involved quests involving the entire

In short if you're looking for an exciting adventure that offers
challenges of increasing difficulty, unrestricted player killing, a
rich and detailed custom created and as true to the books as possible
world, character advancement and age based character improvements stop
by The Wheel of Time. WotMud for short.