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TMC Player Reviews: New Worlds

Review Submitted By: Blasterhead
Author Status: Player
Started on New Worlds: 2005
Submission Date: Jan 25, 2008
TMC Listing: New Worlds

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Blasterhead] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I don't mean to be harsh, but for a 'Roleplaying Intensive' MUD,
this isn't exactly what you would expect.

I played this game quite intensely several years ago, for perhaps 4
months, and left for various reasons (many which I'll elaborate on in
the following). Just recently I re-visited the game, curious to see if
it had improved.

Unfortunately, it hasn't, really...
I just came out of a large, player-created event. At the end a player
used a spell that caused a rather dramatic and violent earthquake, as
a joke. It sent the following hard-coded message, along with several
other dramatic messages leading up to it:

'The groud shakes with tremendous power and rocks fly around as the
ground closes back up, crunching and impaling anyone still standing!'

The small typo aside, which is not what I'm bothered about here at
all, there was absolutely no in-character consequences to the players
actions. The entire crowd of players shrugged this off with rolling of
eyes and smart comments.

The only character that responded even remotely in shock was a player
that had just signed up that day, with a 'gasp'. I was speechless. I
asked OOCly if anyone was actually 'impaled' by rocks, of which the
response, from the culprit himself, was 'no and keep it ic'. Oh, the

Sure, no character was injured, according to HP, etc. The fact that
the hard-coded message -where everyone was supposedly thrown off their
feet, or otherwise impaled with rocks- was simply shrugged off by
every player can only lead me to believe such things are still common.
Even ignoring this, if everyone is apparently unharmed miraculously,
the damage that it caused was also without consequence, despite this
occurring in the town-center of the city, with a large crowd of player
characters and city guard npcs witnessing it.

So many things had just suddenly jarred my experience that I was
shocked speechless. And I was only just barely tolerating the
abundance of borging (don't expect anyone to really take NPCs
seriously in this game, heck, it even promotes it--suggesting new
players to go kill 'training soldiers' and the like, with no IC
consequences) and rampant one-word auto-emotes (tickling, snuggling,
etc.) as it was.

I had a few moments of fairly decent RP before this, and I didn't
expect more than that as I was only just getting into it, and like any
roleplaying game it's difficult to get into the juicy stuff straight
away... So, in saying this, I'm sure there /ARE/ some good
roleplayers in this game, I know there are, but unless you can
tolerate such things as the above, stay away! RPI? Not really.

There are a bunch of other things that peeve me off and break the
level of immersion for me, but they are a tad minor in comparison to
these issues....It's a real pity, too, because I wish other RPI muds
had a similar sized playerbases as this.

I hope to revisit New Worlds again, and that these issues will be
addressed... but, well, I don't see it happening, since it hasn't
done so for nearly three years. Hopefully, with the upcoming expansion
including a new, southern city will bring forth a lot of mature RP.

3/10 for a RPI MUD. Large playerbase, always someone to roleplay
with. But too many jarring things to count which ruin the experience
for me.

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