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TMC Player Reviews: Wheel of Time

Review Submitted By: Dagam
Author Status: Player
Started on Wheel of Time: March 2002
Submission Date: Aug 19, 2007
TMC Listing: Wheel of Time

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WOTmud is huge and has a great deal to explore, faithfully recreates
the Wheel of Time world, and offers a good deal of support for those
who like PVP. New players should be warned however that wotmud is one
of the few muds that still has you roll stats and this greatly impacts
your character's potential. It could take tens of hours to get a
character with decent stats, and hundreds for great stats. For
example, a warrior with bad constitution could be 250 hp while a good
con warrior can be 400+; the variance is huge and the same goes for
all the other stats.

Leveling is fairly lengthy and grinding, and accumulating good
equipment is a matter of patience with killing challenging mobiles for
a chance at loading something. Players who particularly excel at
player killing and play very frequently can gain incredible perks that
allow them to take on two, three or more moderately skilled players at
a time (i.e. myrddraal), tilting the playing field even more in favor
of skilled players.

Some of the playerbase can be elitist and take the game very
seriously, even to the point of lording it over others. Although
wotmud isn't very fun to play, and often feels more like work and/or
tedium, it recreates the Wheel of Time world very well in the breadth
of zones, from Fal Dara to the Spine of the World to Tanchico. If you
stick at it long enough, who knows, you may find some aspects of it
you like.

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