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TMC Player Reviews: God Wars II

Review Submitted By: Nysitre
Author Status: Player
Started on God Wars II: December 14, 2006
Submission Date: Jun 16, 2007
TMC Listing: God Wars II

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Nysitre] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

I discovered MUDS back in high school and tried out many different
ones. I had checked out many MUDS, trying to find a community that I
felt a connection to, mostly by sparking my interest in the gameplay.

The MUD I first enjoyed was a mud based on the Robert Jordan series
of which I had no prior knowledge of until I joined. It was created
from scratch and it had its own special feeling. The environment was
social, both OOC and IC. The leveling was simple, yet addicting as
well. I stayed with that mud for about four years. I soon became tired
of the mud because I felt that it was repetitive and also, I never did
read the series that it was based off on.

My friend then introduced me to another mud. I had never heard of God
Wars II until then and I am glad that he told me about it. About three
of my fellow mudders from the previous mud played it and helped me out
a lot through the learning process.

The gaming structure is not simple, it is quite complex. I firmly
believe that at first, the mud may seem intimidating, but I found the
challenge enticing and I strove to learn how to play correctly. Also,
I must state that it may be easier for experienced mudders to play
this mud because it is basically an expansion off the regular typical

The battle system consists of different types of weapons and
equipment. Each of these items are designed according to the
definition. The mobs that we fight in order to age are various and
have distinctive attributes that make the mud seem more realistic,
although it is set in a fantasy type genre. Each race has its own
powers, set for the individual to decide on how to shape their
character. Combined with a set amount of general talents, they can
make the character very strong and powerful against other players as
well as mobs.

The only issue that I had at the beginning was the aesthetics issue.
I came from a mud where I enjoyed personalizing equipment and items,
with appropriate names and cute coloring. But as I went on playing the
game, I realized that customization would deter from the overall
reality of the game. That being said, there are ways of personalizing
your character by altering its appearance as well as having certain
types of equipment change the look and how you are perceived by other
players. In this way, I believe that it adds onto the overall feel of
the mud and is correctly set in place.

The other thing that I appreciate about this mud is that it is
constantly evolving. It is not a finished product where innovation
stops and the administrators just moderate and create new areas for
players to explore. This mud is constantly changing, additional races,
talents, powers, ideas that steadily come into play.

The forum itself is a place where players' thoughts can come
together and make suggestions or report bugs or anything that is on
their mind in relation to God Wars II.

In conclusion, I believe that if a person wants to discover and enjoy
God Wars II, they must open their minds and be patient in learning how
to play because there is a lot of new things to learn that can be
different from a typical MUD. It is not that it is strange, but that
in the end, it all makes sense. For example, you do not just kill a
mob, you interact with it. The techniques that you use against the mob
determine if you hit it and cause damage to it. Based on your stats,
powers, and talents, it will determine your character's capability in
fighting opponents well.

One last note, this mud has basically no rules. There is no
censorship and so people are freely able to talk about anything and
may even use harsh and crude words to fellow players, but the main
point of it all is that you are mature enough to not take advantage of
this prized attribute of God Wars II. The overall structure of the mud
utilizes a lot of knowledge and I, for one, truly appreciate all the
hard work put into this mud by the Admin.

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