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TMC Player Reviews: The Godwars: War of Legend

Review Submitted By: Nelastword
Author Status: Player
Started on The Godwars: War of Legend: About three months now.
Submission Date: Sep 22, 2006
TMC Listing: The Godwars: War of Legend

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Nelastword] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

Hmm, War of legends. This mud is highly addictive and a very unique
playing system. In this game, people are friendly if you're new,
though some can be mean. Once you learn the basics of the mud, you're

The system for PKing is unique. The ideas for factors on fighting is
good. Depending on stats, hitroll, damroll based on your class, you
can be really strong or either really weak with the right equipment,
tattoos, and etc. PK powers are also very fun. You gain PK points and
loose PK points. There are also days in which you earn certain
bonuses. Slaughter, being able to travel to another player through
nosummon configuration, allows you to also gain an addition 100 PK
points when you kill someone. War, Double damage when fighting, Greed,
Double gold when from mobs, Knowledge, Double exp, and Sword, twice
the speed on training weapons.

I have only been playing for 3 months, but I find myself not even
going to school to play this game! Anyway come and try it out. There
are alot more fun and exciting things on this mud that I haven't
talked about so come and try it out and see what it's all about. If
you have any questions just send me ( Squall, Nelastword, or Harima) a
tell and I'll help you the best way I can.

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