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TMC Player Reviews: Wheel of Time

Review Submitted By: Jenkin
Author Status: Player
Started on Wheel of Time: September 2000
Submission Date: Mar 1, 2006
TMC Listing: Wheel of Time

The following review is the opinion of the review's author [Jenkin] and in no way represents the opinions of this website or its staff.

As a longtime player of this game, I feel that it is my duty to give
a straightforward review of the Wheel of Time MUD for the mudding
community. I’ve been in many MUDs over the years, and even if I stop
playing for a little while I always come back because this truly is
the best MUD of its class and genre.

If I had to summarize Wotmud in one word, I would choose “intense”.
From the moment you login to the moment you rent you are fighting for
survival. This game is all about good versus evil, and heroes of all
shapes and sizes fight for their cause (or themselves) to succeed in
the ultimate race to see who will accrue the most points toward the
Final Battle. Conflict rages across the world as three groups vie for
dominance of the map. No matter where they are, no player is exempt
from the brutal reality of war. Your life is in your own hands.

As can be gathered, much of our fun can be had fighting, and this is
indeed an excellent player-killing MUD. Instead of stock characters
who fight on supposedly level fields in a very boring two-bit way this
game promotes the best shot at realism I have yet to see with its many
unique features, most definitely the character creation and
development systems.

Instead of stock classes who have set skills they can practice with
their trainable and therefore controllable mental stats, the MUD rolls
you set and unchangeable values that you play with for your entire
character life. Every character can roll a random set of values that
they can keep or restat (our version of rerolling, which is unique
because it can only happen after a lot of work on that players part).
While it may seem difficult to start this way, the process of earning
the best stats is often the most effective introduction to the game
you could ever have, and best of all you’ve earned it for yourself
with your own hard work. This type of effort can be very empowering
despite the difficulty.

The character development system is also completely unique: even
though there are classes, all classes can practice all the skills
except the channeling weaves, which only someone from that class can
use (which is a book supported exclusive talent). Therefore, when it
comes to these skills, you can customize your character as you choose
without coded class restrictions that you might find in stock MUDs.

As far as strategy is concerned, the game is extremely realistic.
There are pros and cons to every character setup you can imagine, and
there are tiers of development for each character that might seem
simple on the surface, yet might take years of regular playing time to
achieve. The whole game is masterfully designed and includes systems
within systems to ensure a continual challenge for the players (and
staff!). In my experience, this kind of ingenious challenge is one of
the main reasons the game retains its many longtime players (even a
few who have played ten years or more). In addition, there are many,
many rooms on the map and every room is unblemished with stock;
instead it is 100% original and written by a talented member of the
building team. Every area has secrets, advantages, traps, choke
points, watch rooms, and other goodies to keep gameplay interesting
throughout every area of the map. Therefore no matter where you are,
you know fun is somewhere around the corner.

To touch on roleplay briefly, there are many, many options in that
area. Point of fact, no playerkilling system can exist without its
roleplay infrastructure. After all, this is a book-themed MUD that
after all these years has remained true to the author’s vision. Every
character can choose to roleplay in a clan, or singularly, but it is
only through roleplaying in a clan that most of the playerkilling
bonuses and special abilities can be earned. Even the most pk oriented
clans must roleplay their characters to the standard or they lose
their seat therein. No holds barred, this game is strict on its
players in the roleplay department. In fact, under the surface of an
awesome war environment blossoms the growing bud of intrigue. Many
clans on the same side hold disfavor, or alliance, with others clans,
and this creates a very realistic environment. This environment can
really immerse you (often in just minutes of login) and I’m always
busy trying to achieve my goals (even after so long playing here).
This game is very multidimensional.

As for the environment, it is positive and well regulated. Many make
longterm friendships, find partners, or meet up in a nearby region.
There is even player apparel you can purchase to wear at such events.
Players are free to report discourtesy on the web boards and in
person, and NO harassment or misconduct to others is tolerated.
Players can feel secure knowing that those who violate the conduct of
a “houseguest” will be escorted out of the 'house', sometimes never
to return. Just as your life is in your own hands, so is your
character. Just like any MMORPG, the game attracts many types of
individuals and the great majority of the time the staff handles all
disputes efficiently and quickly. Rarely, players are allowed to
return after being asked to leave the game, which demonstrates that
the staff has a soft spot for the players, despite the hard rules.

In summary, the game is beyond par, and has been made with much love
and care. I would highly recommend it to the experienced and the new
mudder alike, but I’ll warn you, be prepared for challenge, and most
probably, addiction.


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